About the Inner Concave World category

This subcategory is for discussing the inner, concave portion of our hollow earth. This may include stories of voyages and life forms which allegedly exist there. Maps and discussions of the poles may also be relevant.

We consider this as being distinct from discussions regarding crustal, subterranean, cavern worlds. If you wish to discuss subterranean cavern worlds and the life forms which may exist there, please use our corresponding subcategory.

Some examples of topics of interest here may include (but are not limited to):

  • The Smoky God by Willis George Emerson (read it online)
  • World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow! by Rodney M. Cluff (purchase the book)
  • Admiral Richard E. Byrd and his voyages to the inner earth, as well as Antarctica, etc.
  • Maps of the north pole, potential maps of the interior portion by, e.g., Gerardus Mercator (an example of a relevant presentation)
  • Discussions of possible immigrations to or emigrations from the interior portion of the earth.
  • Discussions about ancient civilizations which may have a connection to the interior portion of the earth.
  • Potential life forms and cultures which exist there, such as giants (but this only relates to the inner portion of the earth; for discussion about giants in general, see our corresponding topic).