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This subcategory is for discussing Ethereal Mechanics, a new theory of everything based on the Ether. This theory is being developed by Robert Distinti, an electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience.

Ethereal Mechanics is often abbreviated as EM, not to be confused with the term "electromagnetic" which is also abbreviated as EM.

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If we don't break the light barrier, the human race will face extinction.

Hi my name is Robert Distinti. I'm an Electrical Engineer with over thirty years experience.

20 Years ago I asked a question about a simple loop of wire. The answers that I obtained from simple experiments disagreed with accepted theory. I kept following this thread and have found that the entire body of science (including Quantum Mechanics and Relativity) are built on a faulty foundation of circular definitions that originated from the Horse and Buggy era (c1700).

Consider that Relativity claims to provide a model for gravity which emanates from matter and affects matter; however, Relativity has no model for matter. Mass is treated as simple a ubiquitous scalar value in all the equations.

Further consider that Quantum Mechanics attempts to understand matter; however, offers no real explanation of Gravity. QM also treats mass as simple a ubiquitous scalar value in all the equations.

This impasse has been going on for 60 years; far exceeding Einstein's definition of insanity. It’s time to consider that something may be seriously wrong in science

I'm have developed a new Scientific Paradigm in which matter, energy, force, inertia, are different states of a second order system of mass-less (rather inertia-less) charges (called Pretons) which exist in a dynamic medium called Ether (not to be confused with the static Aether model from 100 years ago)

This new science is called Ethereal Mechanics. Ethereal Mechanics explains what happens to matter when it approaches the speed of light. Because we know what happens, we can produce a work-around which will enable starships to vastly exceed the speed of light.