About the Ether category

This subcategory is for general discussion of the Ether, a substance which has been accepted for thousands of years by many of the most respected and important philosophers and scientists in history.

This substance is said to permeate all matter and throughout our universe. It is a very basic part of how our universe functions.

In more recent years, its existence was called into question by the so-called Michelson-Morley Experiment. But upon closer inspection and experimentation by well-respected scientists such as Professor Dayton C. Miller, the Ether was found to be not at all disproven. Even A. A. Michelson who performed the aforementioned experiment had serious doubts about his findings and acknowledged Miller and other proponents of the Ether.

This history is discussed in much depth and detail in Dr. James DeMeo's book, The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space (purchase the book here).

This subcategory does not adhere to any particular theory of the Ether and how it works, but is a general discusion for varying ideas about the Ether. If you wish to discuss a specific theory or proponent of the Ether, please the applicable subcategory.

Some examples of topics of interest here may include (but are not limited to):

  • Discussion about the Ether, how it works, and new theories about it.
  • Challenges to the more popular paradigms of physics.
  • History about the Ether and who believed in its existence.
  • Discussion about planetary bodies, outer space, etc. with specific regard to the Ether.