About the Cavern Worlds category

This subcategory is for discussing cavern worlds in context of Hollow Earth Theory. This may include folklore, mythology, UFOs & cryptids, so long as it ties into the idea of crustal subterranean worlds.

Please note the use of the word crustal – we consider this as being distinct from the inner concave portion of the earth. If you wish to discuss that aspect of Hollow Earth Theory, then please see our corresponding subcategory.

Some examples of topics of interest here may include (but are not limited to):

  • Etidorhpa by John Uri Lloyd (read it online)
  • Caverns, Cauldrons & Concealed Creatures by Wm. Michael Mott (purchase the book)
  • The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (read it online)
  • The concept of intra-terrestrials, as opposed to extra-terrestrials (i.e., the idea that UFOs may originate from inside the earth, in the crustal realm, rather than outer space)
  • Discussions of creatures, cryptids, and mythological creatures so long as it relates to crustal realms and cavern worlds.
  • Discussion of any relevant folklore, stories, or myths which discuss underground realms and cavern worlds.
  • Notable caves and underground places of interest, e.g., Derinkuyu, Mammoth Caves, etc.