A Vehicle on The Moon Coming Out of an Entrance Hole


Hete it is, at 4:17 minutes/seconds. To the left; in spite of the narrator's screwball explanation, it is obvious that there is a vehicle (to the lest) which is leaving tracks and which came out of a hole in the ground at a point where there is an ever so slight depression.

It's there, go look at it. Much goes on underneath the surface of The Moon.


At 5:12, there is another trail and "hole", right in the middle of the screen.


Hi @deandddd

I have the image that shows exactly the track made. I will search my library and post it, you will be surprised...I will also link you to the large file.



Thanks! I do appreciate it. There is a lot on alll of these Moon images that are being worked on, such as on the Skipprer site, for the hollow earth community totake note of.

I have been trying to reanimate The Hollow Moon Society site on Facebook:

There has been only a few comments.


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Hi Dean.
This picture is of Phillips Crater on the moon.
Look at the giant artificial pillars on the left half of the crater’s inner rim. And, there are buildings forming a line.

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Pillars or towers?

I see that one row of buildings stops at one of those canal-tye lines. Why? Why don't they continue on the other side? Mother nature doesn't do like that.