A Thanksgiving Gift

One of the best presentations I've ever seen about the real history of Thanksgiving:

It's fascinating because all the earliest sources show that it was a feast held by the Pilgrims which was about the supply ships arriving and saving them from starvation. In the earliest resources written during the 1600s and 1800s about the origin of the holiday, there was no mention of a story about a shared picnic between the English settlers and the Native American / Indian tribes. It appears, thanks to Harry Hubbard's masterful sleuthing, that this was yet another modern fable... courtesy of the rewriters of history.

At the end, he also has an intriguing "Easter egg" showing an account of a UFO sighting which took place in 1609, on an old ship during a fierce storm at sea, in the Bermuda Triangle no less!

Have fun watching it, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :smile:


I finished it a few minutes ago. It was quite fascinating. Makes me wonder what other historical lies we believe.

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