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Go to the link below and take a look. The whole page is interesting, of course. But scroll down to Chariots on the Moon and look at the "Wagon Wheels". I wonder if that dark space behind them couldn't be an entrance to the lunar underground.

Then scroll down to Temple on The Moon and look at the central arrow, on the right. That looks like a temple structure from South India.

Then look at the Evergreen Crater. They don't tell you where it is. But anyway, you get the idea.

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I'm sorry, I don't see a URL attached...

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:exploding_head: Holy cow! The ones you pointed out, especially the wheel!

I'm not convinced that aliens visited the moon. I think, if there are actual structures there, they were built by our ancient ancestors. Far from being ape-like, I think our ancient ancestors were most likely highly intelligent.

When God completely wipes out a society, it's possible that very little (think flood "myths") or maybe even nothing (pre-Adam and Eve) would be left, except perhaps on the moon, Mars, etc.

I am of the mind that the Moon is still heavily populated and that there has been incredible redaction in what we see. I do NOT, however, think that the population lives on the outer surface there. It seems they live either within the lunar crust or within... but I do think something weird is going on with our capacity to observe the moon. The lunar waves that have been observed by multiple sources have really modified my thinking about the Moon.

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I was watching a video the other day, and thought of this forum. It was an episode of UnXplained- about the moon. I think scientists wanted to know how prone to earthquakes the moon is. Anyway, they dropped something heavy from pretty high. The moon's reaction surprised them. The reverberations were similar to hitting a bell. In other words, hollow.

If anyone was living under where they dropped the object, I wonder what they thought about that. :thinking:

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Thanks for reminding us of this. Yes, we have discussed such findings many times in the past re: the Moon ringing like a "bell".

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Yes, they left seismic equipment behind and, when the rocket took off and dropped its booster, the Moon rang.


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Our capacity to observe The Moon is worse than we might think. All of the images and film rolls were taken out of focus, and then subjected to spray painting.

If you watch all of those videos on Lunar Anomalies and Beyond, narrated and done up by Chris, you'll find that he always shows buildings and structures of one type or another on The Moon. On his videos, I've seen dense groupings of buildings, streets, roads, bridges and pipes sticking out with what seems to be water flowing out of them. Even on the surface there is quite a population.

But I do believe that there is a population underneath the surface of The Moon which is significant. This is highly suggested by the smokestack video.

y page on that video:

Full one hour long program/video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azz-b9pv_eY