A Hollow Earth Page New to Me


I have usually posted on some Facebook HE sites in order to keep them alive with some decent material. But the following is a Facebook, hollow earth page which I have never seen before. It has 6,700 members! I doubt that any of them know wwhat they are talking about, to tell the truth.

But I ask you all to take a look and post a couple of things just to give some new blood, so to speak. Also, Facebook has a page called The Hollow Earth Connection and Hollow Earth.


This is a nice one @deandddd , thanks for sharing !


Thank you @deandddd. I am hesitant to get involved at all in Facebook groups as such since you can't really maintain anonymity, which I think is critical to freedom of speech in the world at large. The discussions of anonymity - from both sides of the think tanks - is very concerning to me. We are hearing over and over that anonymity needs to be eliminated from society, but this cannot be farther from what is actually needed. Anonymity assures many freedoms such as voting/elections and many other critical components of society that may normally draw irreparable criticism when you work in certain circles (such as academia, science, philosophy and many other more "practical" areas).

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Well spoken!

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That's cool. I'd join, but I'm not on Facebook. I got tired of the spying years ago, following me around the internet, so I left for good.

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