100s of entrances to the cavern world in the Grand Canyon - Harry Hubbard present "Egyptian City In The Grand Canyon"

This video from the legendary Harry Hubbard is amazing folks (click out to YouTube):

Darn, it's unavailable.

@Soretna , this is a great video .

@lightspirals , please try by launching this video on Youtube - it will play .



I just saw it last night, after midnight, I mean, on September 5th.

What amazed me were the walls, they were so extensive I couldn't believe it. And they mostly consisted of very large rocks cut to fit in with others. Where did they get such technology?

It seems as if they were to enclose herds of sheep.


@lightspirals were you able to view it by going out to YouTube? Embed playing is disabled by default for his videos.

@Soretna , it looks like Harry Hubbard's work is actively being suppressed...wonder if he has also covered similar sites on other continents ?


Harry's work is very much watched and limited, but the embed issue is because he disallows embeds due to people stealing his work. He's had some of his videos stolen and used for monetization by others before and they've gotten hundreds of thousands of views while he has only gotten hundreds or low thousands. This makes it difficult for him because a lot of research and time goes into his efforts and he get's zero return on investment, which of course makes it hard to produce more videos. Harry is a really wonderful man. You can review the rest of his videos by simply going to his YouTube channel and looking at the diversity of topics since the 90s: https://www.youtube.com/c/IllinoisCaves/videos