Zone of Silence

the end of Chapter 34 of The Ultimate Reality, Page 532, Cater writes about a
place in Mexico where he thinks that the shell of the earth is thinner, and wherefrom particles seem to be able to radiate right through the shell. He mentions the effect on unusual plant life, insect life and animals in that area; it is called The Zone of Silence.

He writes: "Perhaps the strangest and most baffling place on the planet is a
1,500 square mile desert area centered along the 27th parallel in northern
Mexico. It is called The Zone of Silence. Within this area are to be found
insects of abnormal size and color, such as foot-long centipedes, purple and
red cacti, and other plants existing side by side with those of normal color,
bizarre animals such as gigantic tortoises with pyramid shaped shells and
piercing yellow eyes, and albino snakes with red eyes. Meteroites constantly
fall in the area, and the ground in the zone is littered with meteorites of
all shapes and sizes. Pilots who fly over the area experience navigational
difficulties: campass needles spin wildly. Automoblie engines aften stop
functioning when they venture into the area. There are areas in the zone where
radio transmissions and reception come to a halt. This phenomenon is what gave
the zone its name.

paragraph tells:

is significant that the Zone of Silence, The Bermuda Triange, the Pryamids of
Egypt and other areas of anomalies are all centered in the 27th paralell. This
indicates a great rift valley in the inner earth, which follows the 27th
paralell. In areas where it is abnormally deep will be found zones on the
surface where energy or orgone concentrations resulting from vortex activity
will be more intense. Naturally, the ancient Egyptians would find such an area
a more desireable place to build a pyramid."

So the pyramids must have tunnels below them that lead to subterranean worlds
cavities wherefrom the particles flow out. Imagine what it would be like to
live there?

No wonder subterranean humans, from the hollow cavityt or the cavern worlds in the
crust, are described as being 9 feet tall, having perfect memories and a 900
year duration of life.

We should live in houses made out of that glass that has ultraviolet filters.