Yellowstone Caldera Evolution in Maps in Images and Maps


When energy from the Sun builds up below, earthquakes and volcanoes are a result.


Interesting, but I very much find the depths they're talking about there as implausible. There is just no settled science when it comes to geology and determination of depths or features beyond just perhaps 50-100 meters or anything beyond that which is observable - at least as far as public knowledge and academia go. Hmm.

Notwithstanding I do believe there's gonna be a massive obliteration of that region via this formation regardless of the supposed structures and features under the ground. It can easily be triggered by water addition as NASA was going to do initially supposedly to cool it off. LOL...

Clearly such an action, with the elements present there, would create a catastrophic event.

Somebody might do it on purpose, as a terrorist act. Or threaten to do so, as an act of extortion.


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