world’s oldest pyramids found in alaska


A repost from 2016. The real Mc Coy ...

And what are always below pyramids?


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Very interesting @deandddd , thanks for sharing...this is quite similar to the ones found in the Kola peninsula and Siberia . I wonder what all lies hidden beneath the permafrost of the Far North...!



Those pyramids aren't so far away from each other, either; Alaska and Siberia.

And they aren't so far away from the entraceway to the Vedic kingdoms of the hollow earth, either.



You know, we speak of underground tunnels in Odessa extending over to Cappadocia and reaching to Turkey.

There must be underground chambers, caverns and tunnels. Might they reach each other, from Siberia to Alaska? Might the Broken Auroral Ring begin its expression from the Alaskan Pyramid? Or stretch between Alaska and Siberia?

Broken Auroral Ring, culled by Rod M. Cluff: A Broken Auroral Ring