Underground chambers beneath Balochistan Sphinx - Google Search


Folks , this url links to some more pictures of this site , just adjacent to the Sphinx itself , taken from a somewhat better angle . It is clearly a temple structure , indisputably so...underground passages leading to chambers deep within this mountain side are visible too , in a close up view . Amazing - it's even more obvious this is a man made structure , than the sceptics thought...



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List members , here is an incredible image of an extremely ancient temple like pyramidal structure adjacent to the Balochistan Sphinx . Notice the size of this structure in comparison to the truck on the road next to it .

**Also , here is a link from reddit :-

A 430,000 year-old ancient Balochistan sphinx In Pakistan? 2 more rare structures found in the same area within eye view: Princess of hope, Pyramidal Hindu temples, Massive block pillar (Also a hidden cave and temple behind the sphinx) “Odds of natural formation is astronomical”: AlternativeHistory