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@Soretna , I am just wondering why this sudden transparency now , after decades of secrecy ?? What could be driving this ?


Could you please clarify what you mean here @sidharthabahadur?

If you're talking about an agenda for the cavern dwellers (aka "extra"terrestrials, but really intra), then this is one start of such a discussion: "The Black Vault" files: 1,000 pages of UFO docs supposedly released by the CIA

I just mean their motives are not clear @Soretna...



From what I gather, the military is just claiming that it has pieces of UFO construction material.

The armed forces understand antigravitics and have their own UFO craft.

What they are admitting makes one think that they are coming clean, but they are not.

I think that we must have very extensive underground manufacturing facilities.


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This is all manipulation and preparation for a "false messiah" narrative. There's too much going wrong right now and too much lines up with clearly luciferian-satanic-cavern agendas. There will be a lot of masking and indirect connections, but because we know we are lightyears ahead. Take a look at this additional coverage:

I agree - timing is everything @Soretna and the question is why they are revealing this now , not earlier , not later !


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Well, well, well..... It turns out that in the last COVID "relief" bill there was a forced countdown to "disclosure" within 6 months! Take a look at this insanity. It sure coincides with far too many things and the current situation given the luciferian agenda moving forward and seemingly needing a plan B soon... Video: