The Strategic Culture Foundation: The Pentagon’s New UFO Disclosures: 75 Years of MK Ultra Psy Ops

What are your thoughts on this?
(Personally I continued to be severely frustrated and upset at what I perceive to be misdirection towards outer space when we clearly need to be thinking on the seemingly real apparent source of all of these UFO and various phenomena: down and inside!)


After two years of decoding images online the word misdirection is an understatement. What I have witnessed is a shell program that has been in play since the second world war. Especially as technology has advanced since then to the Moon Landing in 69. All imagery of space data/ufo etc including science revelations, breakthroughs are all interpreted in a way to confuse, distort and twist the populations reality.

Nasa and Co are 70 years ahead of the majority of population. This gap is lessening slowly as more people are waking up so to totally dismiss UFO etc would be absurd. This new information will just be a carrot of time allowing them to create a new Shell Program again once the mass lock into the old ways...

From my knowledge the USA have been and are currently targeting Mars and wiping out areas for 20 years. In the mean time we are showed a dry dusty nuked rocky nothing. In 50 years time we will get to Mars but by then the true history of how will be a distant shadow.


Been hearing this same stuff and seeing it myself from all of the research that's come out and then disappeared / covered up in the public sector. We should be right up to where they are and would be today if this were not happening.

Furthermore, these UFO issues need to be identified to what they really are: predominantly intraterrestrial (inner earth - crustal and inner concave surface) craft. Of course there are outer surface craft in the mix as well now, but I strongly believe that extraterrestrial craft are very, very minimal (if at all). I believe that all extraterrestrial craft would be limited and kept off-planet by existing Earth-based civilizations and treaties or simply much more powerful civilizations present existing for millennia here of which we're not allowed to be aware of publicly on the outer surface at present.

As mentioned before and elsewhere in discussion, I believe that there are a number of "marketing" reasons for this and that we will be seeing the purpose more clearly very soon. One such purpose is to bolster the authority of a false anointed one ("Messiah") that will be coming out and essentially proclaimed to be saving us from ourselves and to bring us the advanced technology and "civilization" that we so crave. This is a long and convoluted topic, but explains a lot as to why all of the very well documented beings and creatures from the centuries and millennia past are not seen today. They realized they needed to make it seem as though they don't exist and don't interact with us so that this "rebranding" could occur. The extraterrestrial-UFO storyline is perfect for this and explains why and how the media has been so involved.

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It seems things may get interesting or more crazy. I sometimes feel the effects of the mass deception and the amount of fake news psychology in mainstream media and online and i worry for humanity. I also am sad of our ancient history and knowledge coverup which would be a joy to learn from and future generations will be so painfully controlled they will not be able to think for themselves... Maybe this has happened many many times already... It does feel like a hamster wheel, and its not fun. I suppose at least i know I'm on the wheel.. Luckily i am fortunate to have a gift to readbetween the lines and view the illusion for what it is.

I will always keep positive and hope to be visited again by my friend, the magical small blue light energy entity so i dont need the pentagon or governments to confirm anything. Lol. And if things get too depressing there is always my family, Gaia and mushrooms to keep meconnected...

I will also aim to add. Some exclusive and exciting revelationz in imagery to express my thanks for joining this community. Probably the only place to express ones views in a sensible and intelligent way...


There is a quote from an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ from an address in 2005 that I dearly love and that I believe is remarkably apropos for this topic:

"These are sobering times ... you won’t survive spiritually unless you know how to receive revelation ... I don’t know whether you know how to receive revelation, but you won’t survive without it." (Boyd K. Packer: BYU Hawaii Commencement Address – December 17, 2005.)

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@Echo_on , @Soretna , I was watching your comments very intently and share your sentiments about this forum we have :

"Probably the only place to express ones views in a sensible and intelligent way"

Till a few years ago , I used to think -

  1. We should be collectively writing a tell all book about our research
  2. Get our research "peer reviewed" by a reputed scientific institution

However , nowadays I feel both the above ideas are no good - there is so much FAKERY going on in mainstream media , they won't allow something like this to ever take off in the market . As for the science establishment , they practically have a PATENT in killing/suppressing/stifling such ideas in the name of "peer review" !