The incredible Mystery of the Balochistan Sphinx

Yes @deandddd , that may happen , given how corrupt Pakistan's political establishment is...they've just awarded the mining contract though to Barrick Gold Corporation , a Canadian Company .

**I suspect this was also the location of King Solomon's mines - always kept a closely guarded secret...long before Solomon , it may have been the source of the vast gold treasures of India's Vedic civilisation...apparently there was so much gold in India , that in later times , invaders from Central Asia to West Asia used to call India the "Golden Bird" !

Here is what has been reported in the media about these deposits :-

"Reko Diq is one of the largest undeveloped copper and gold deposits in the world, capable of producing 200,000 tons of copper and 250,000 ounces of gold a year for more than half a century ."

P.S. Take a look at the picture below...the COLOUR of the soil itself reveals how much gold it contains !

Reko Diq town in Balochistan’s Chagai district is famed for its mineral wealth, including gold and copper.



How far away is it from the border with India ?


@deandddd , pre 1947 - Balochistan was part of undivided India since time immemorial . Now , this particular gold mine lies about 400 miles from India's present day (truncated) borders...currently , this place is in Chagai district of Balochistan near the tri-junction of Pakistan , Afghanistan and Iran , not far from where Pakistan had tested it's nukes !


Well, who knows. With such reserves, Pakistan might become a Shangri La for its citizens! I might just change religions.

Who knows how deep the deposts run ...


@deandddd , what lucky RASCALS , these Pakistanis are !! This Reko Diq town looks like freaking El Dorado - the mother lode of Gold on our planet's outer surface . It seems like this time those wicked ones have hit paydirt...SAD ! How about seeking some divine intervention for the sake of justice in this world :))



You can seek justice.

I'm going to change religions and stand in line for some gold!

: ^ )

@deandddd , I can now imagine the Balochistan Sphinx and it's adjacent temple coated with gold , back in it's heyday...down the ages there's been a tradition in India of building Golden temples . Till today , there is more gold held by the temples of India , than with the government . In the past , these temples had become the prime targets for invaders to loot...especially the Islamic invaders .

So , whoever built this prehistoric monument must have known about the enormous gold reserves in that region ! Across the world , there have been civilisations and cultures founded near major sources of gold , especially the Inca , Maya etc. in the Americas..."so , smell the breeze of this place my friends , 'cause there's gold dust blowin' in the wind !"

Needless to say , humans have a highly mysterious affinity for gold , it's practically "programmed" into the DNA - which defies logic :)) Sumerian mythology even had a bizarre explanation for this strange affinity...!



Is there much talk of tunnel systems in that area ?


The fact is - hard as it is to believe , the Pakistan government has done absolutely NOTHING to explore these ruins or what probably lies beneath...they have ZERO interest , because this is a pre-Islamic structure ! No archaeological expedition has yet been allowed at this prehistoric site . The other reason could be that there is a separatist movement raging across Balochistan for a number of years .


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