The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ...


The link is below.

Well ... it has occurred to me that this dimming carried out by means of particle spray will have the effect of making the atmosphere appropriate in which underground beings may function. If you are familiar with the book Etidorhpa, The Guide was some sort of reptoid human who was very sensitive to sunlight, such that he stood in the shadows and couldn't even take that for more than a minute or two. The particles in the spray could block out those radiations which are harmful to these living entities.

And this makes me thinkthat the plan of the NWO is to raise Hell, quite literally. These beings might be able to come to the surface along with their seemingly mystic abilities and overwhelm surface populations.

Overwhelm how?

Kill off?

To make a long story short, it has been proven by abductee testimony that the abductions that have gone on over recent decades have had the purpose of genetic harvesting. Does this mean that the human population will be replaced by one that has been born and raised below, so to speak, and that has been given norms of behavior, values, and agendas to carry out?

This may be the number one issue that we face as hollow earth and underground worlds proponents; and that humanity in general faces.