The Cattle Queen of Montana


Follow through on this. The name of the film is The Cattle Queen of Montana.

(And Barbara Stanwyck gets top billing over Ronald Reagan. What is this world coming to?)

Anyway, Montana is is an interesting place. Wyoming is even more interesting because it is named after a Chinese emperor. They say it isn't, but it is.

Look at time stamp 2:22 of this film. By chance, this version is in Spanish, but it doen't matter, look at the mountain smack in the middle. to the right there is a straight-line angle, a sharp peak, and the from the peak the angle goes down on the left side, maintaining the same angle. It passes in front of the middle partof the maountain, and the angle is hard to follow. But I think that it is there, symmetrical with the right-side angle.

Why does it just pop out in the middle of the landscape? It is not a part of a mountain range.

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