Somebody Else Is On The Moon


The title of the book is as above, it is by George Leonard.

Go to page 68 and read the chapter, it is quick reading.

Then look at that image; they didn't give him the photo, but they allowed him to sketch it. The circle seems to be a crater. The black part is a wall with a sheer drop, that is to say, a corner of the crater is excavated. The smokestack is against the wall.

And his conclusion is that there is sub surface activity occurring on the Moon. Sub surface! The guy was ahead of us by a few decades!


@deandddd , thanks for sharing . He might as well have named his book "Somebody else is IN the moon" :)) I love this quote :-

“Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever ABYSSES nature leads, Or you shall learn nothing.”

George Leonard



I have continued to read Somebody Else Is on The Moon by George H. Leonard. I have quickly read about twenty pages from three different chapters. The has already explained out and come to the logical conclusion, twice, that there is underground activity occurring on the Moon, and on a rather large scale, and where. He also mentioned, way back in when the book was published, that Phobos and Deiimos, the Moons of Mars, are hollow.

I have HARDLY read the damn book and the guy has mentioned hollow orbs in our solar system three times, backed by logical argument and pictoral proof. And he's not even a hollow planets proponent!

What a resource! The constructions and machinery that is to be found all over the place on The Moon is just incredible. I found a nice edition of the book for US $24 on Amazon.



It has been a while since I commented on this book because I misplaced it! (It was the evil opposite of me that looks just like me, who hid it on top of the bookcase instead of in it!)

But I do have some comments to make and I will make them tonight, I hope.

Anyway, in the meantime, look at this video; nothing NASA, and amateur took it with his telescope. Now you will see what an ameteur telescope can show you, and he wasn't at all using high magnification.


List Members,

I have gone back to reading this book Somebdy Else Is on The Moon, by George H. Leonard. I am only about 25% through the book, but already it has made quite an impact on me. I had read Fred Steckling's book We Found Alien Bases on The Moon, and a couple of the images that Fred found in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory clearly prove an atmosphere on the Moon. The images are on this page, scroll down:

But this one is different. He speaks about the type of machinery on The Moon, the gigantic size of it, the outlandish forms of it, and what they are seen to do. For example, he speaks about the X - Drones and how they seem to pulverize rock and engage in spraying activities that leave crater floors as smooth and flat as a salt flat. He speaks of scoops, like bulldozer scoops, and other machinery a mile long.

He has NASA images at the end of the book that show these things. But my book is a recent reprint, and much of what he speaks of doesn't show up. The images are dark and the paper is not glossy.
Perhaps the images have been put online, I don't know, but I would like to see them in better resolution than my book shows. I did clearly see the vehicle that left track marks along the surface, that one was clear. And another image showed three spokes of an X - Drone. Very tiny, but enough to make it out because an arrow points at it and, once it is explained, your eye identifies the thing better.

I have already mentioned in previous books where the author conjectures about industrial activities going on beneath the surface, and he offers a sketch of a crater in this regard. He was shown the photograph, but it wasn't ever made public. But he has made a couple of references to underground communities on The Moon, and I am by no means finished.

So I truly believe that the bok is the only source of such background information and explanations; no one else has indentified the activities and equipment at work on The Moon as he has done. He opens up a whole new vista, a different facet to our understanding of The Moon hoax.

Get it! It is not expensive, the book isn't out of print or anything like that.

He gives the ID numbers of the images in the book. Any ideas on how to get them?

I am attaching an image from the David Hatcher Childress video on The Moon. It is a sketch made by a member of the British Astronomical Society of the smaller Messier Crater, and it shows some kind of tracks that lead downwards. The angle of The Sun's ray, the tilt of The Moon, and the interplay between shadow and light must have been just perfect.

Take a look.

And buy that book!


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My goodness ... I sent that shocking Moon sketch, made over 100 years ago by a member of the prestigius British astronomical Society, and nobody made a comment. Hmmm ... It seems to go rather deep.

Anyway, I just ran across a Youtube video entitled: Somebody Else is on The Moon Documentary Video. But it goes much beyond what the book shows or tells abut. The video itself calls itself Aliens on The Moon.

The most spectacular image was an Apollo 8 image passing over a smoke stack that towered overr the surface, and that puffed out quite a long puff of black smoke.

I am Johnny-Come-Lately, the last one to know! I had no idea that such images were available. There is even a two mile wide satellite dish. Most of the images are good, clean shots.

I am dumbfounded!


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Well, we know what the ABYSSES area all about; "openings to the depths within" might be an equivalent term.

I have watched that video on Youtube "Somebody Else is on The Moon Full Documentary VIdeo", and I have a few comments to make. (Don't I always ...)

One thing for sure is that the video passes those revealing images by the viewer at high speed. If anyone watches it, be prepared with finger of the pause button.

Towards the end of the video, there is a 1,000 foot tall smokestack which gives out a rather long belch of black smoke, which gets wafted away. I have never seen a movent-on-the-Moon video before. Ain't that peculiar!

There were two points of dicussion that disturbed me: one was about intentions to mine the surface because there are precious metals and elements all over the place, and the second comment was about the current lunar residents being bad guys from outer space.

The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite ( LCROSS ) mission already sent a nuclear tipped missile to The Moon about ten years ago, and there was an explosion, supposedly above the southern orifice. Did they truly do what they wanted to and achieve the results that they wanted to? Or did the hollow moon inhabitants blow the missile up from behind, and then NASA faked a success?

We are the ones who have such a thick crust that it is the dwelling place of dragons, reptoids, hobbits lizard-men and such, who have been carrying out underground manipulation of the surface world since at least the time when The Bhagavad Gita was spoken, 5,000 years ago. In fact, the Bhagavad Gita War was the result of underground manipulation, and it wiped out the warrior elements of the Earth's surface:

And me thinks this made us a bit vulnerable!

But this underground manipulation has been shaping the culture, religious practices, morality and technological progress for a very long time now, and me also thinks that we are carrying out underworld agendas in the name of progress and patriotism and such.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Prabhupad, once described the lunar residents by saying that, in Vedic times, "They were counted amongst the demigods".

And then, the second disturbing topic was that some do-gooder amateur Moon researcher suggested that the powers-that-be prepare themselves because the lunar occupants could be listening in on us and that perhpas they want to attack us, and that we should make ready some new technology to deal with the threat.

The bad guys "R" us!!!

I am just dumbfounded at the way people are being manipulated, but I can't do much about it.

Good night!

Sure @deandddd , however Hindu mythological stories about the Chandravansh (Lunar dynasty) will seem just too far fetched to the modern sensibilities , so I don't even discuss it on this forum...besides we do need to get some indisputable evidence , in order to push forward such claims about the moon .



I know what you mean. I really don't put out much Vedic stuff, either, because I don't want people to think that I use the list as a forum for my religious beliefs.

Even so, I think that we could go whole-hog on it. I mean, we are already saying that planets are hollow and have human civilization within them, so there is no real barrier, no real reason to put on the breaks.

The Puranic part of the Vedic literature certainly mentions human civilizations on the other planets. And they do so in the most sophisticated language ever known on Earth, Sanskrit. And the Vedic intelligentsia was well versed in mathematics and had a developed calendar system, as well as enough astronmical ability to predict the eclipses and the movements of planets.

Here is something from my Venus page:

"The Bhagavat Purana paints a different description of the planet. In the ninth canto, 18th chapter, a narration describes the activities of Devayani, the daughter of Shukra- the predominating regent of the planet Venus.

There, a palace garden is described full of lotuses, and trees of flowers and fruits, inhabited by sweetly singing birds and bumble bees. It is described that lotus-eyed girls took a walk along the bank of a reservoir. At one point in the narration, Shukra-Acharya, Devayani’s father, made a comment about grains in the field. According to this description, Venus seems to harbor life as on Earth.

In fact, according to the Puranic descriptions, there is life and activity on all the planets. For example, in the Bhagavat Purana, Canto 4, Chapter 20, Text 35 - 36, a reference is made to the way in which Maharaj Prithu, a king of the Earth, paid his respects to visitors from various celestial planets, and then a reference is made to the inhabitants of the earthly planets.

Now first of all, the reader will note that the text refers to earthly planets, in the plural. In the Vedic literature, one term used to refer to the Earth is Bhu Mandala, which means the " circle of the Sun, " which seems to refer to the planets along the plane of the solar system, as pointed out by Dr. Richard L. Thompson in his book “Mysteries of the Sacred Universe.” This is why the plural is used, the planets in the solar system are somehow grouped together in this sense because they are all on the same orbital plane. It is interesting, though, that we don’t apparently see inhabitants on any of the other planets in the solar system.

In fact, the Apollo astronauts have supposedly gone to the Moon and found no life there. Through their telescopes and space probes, astronomers tell us that there is no life on the other planets such as Mercury, Venus and Mars, either."

Of course, we know now that there is a lot of construction on The Moon andMars. But most people have no idea whatsoever, and wouldn't give you the time of day to find out.

Oh well ...


@deandddd , you have brought out some great references from Vedic/Puranic literature .

The reason I personally am a bit restrained in sharing stories or episodes from ancient literature (which is vast) is that it may not make sense to people who are unfamiliar with it . So , without the right context and supporting "evidence" to corroborate those stories , they might just seem like "far-fetched fairy tales" .

Having said that , I tend to agree with you that Hollow Planet Theory is itself "stretching the imagination too far" for some folks , so anything on this subject is par for the course :))



Yes, my own undestanding of the upper, middle and lower planetary systems, of demons, humans and celestials; unfolded over a long period of time. It is hard to just throw thse things at anybody.

Cater's alternative particle science has helped me immensely. I now have an understanding of how it is that there are subtle, astral and ethereal planes of existence, of how worlds and bodies can exist that are not physical. Such as on The Sun.

But anyway, this book Somebody Else Is on The Moon is opening my horizon of understanding very, very much. Maybe I'll be able to write more about what I am reading later on tonight.



Just scroll about halfway down and look at that pyramid in Ryder Crater.

There goes the whole NASA Moon presentation. That thing is an exact pyramid. Somebody built it and somebody lived there. And somebody breathed the air in order to build it and live there.

Lunar Anomalies - Unusual Features at Paracelsus, Aristarchus and Ryder Crater


List Members,

Here are two "print screens" from the youtube video "Somebody Else Is on The Moon Full Documentary Video!" Google it if you haven't already.

The smokestack's shape is obvious, and the belching black smoke is seen at 38:01 minutes/Seconds, and 38:04 minutes/seconds. You can see the time marked in the bottom left. And you can see the smoke is a slightly different location, it has movement.

There is no building below the smokestack. This means that activity is going on below the surface; and that's our cup of tea, sub surface activity.


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List Members,

As follows is a sketch of a smokestack in a crater, sketched from two pictures. The page and a half of explanation is from the author, George Leonard.

The sketch shows that the smokestack is ejecting smoke or gas or whatever straight upwards, with a bit of force. It does not immediately disperse.

Don't miss the post directly above because it has photos of a different smokestack, photos!


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List Members,

I put the whole Smokestacks on the Moon evidence on my website.

I will be getting to the crater Linné within a few days.


Towers on The Moon

From Page 167 of Somebody Else Is on The Moon:

“There is a most interesting configuration on The Moon which takes the form of a thin tower rising for a mile or more. It is one of the clearest-cut indications of intelligence on The Moon. The towers are invariably straight and – most remarkably – when on a ridge or mountain mass, they are always placed at the highest point”.

© From Page 168: “sentinels on the wasteland: Many good examples exist of single towers rising straight up from the ground – not on peaks or highlands”.


The following is not from the book but from a Youtube video: Towers and Structures Found on The Moon :

ASO8-13-2226 , Apollo 8 Magazine 13E

First, look from minute 2:39 – 3:50. Interesting enough.

The minute/seconds 4:00 – 4:04 is interesting, too.

At 4:10 you can see a structure in the middle/bottom, and a definite but small tower over to the left bottom. Use reading glasses.

But, still at 4:10, you will see a definite tower above middle, and he will be focusing on it as he proceeds to 4:21. Minute/second 4:38 shows a great shot of that tower, quite clear. He nailed it.

To tell the truth, you can just keep watching and he’ll show several more definite constructions.

And here are a few shots from that video: Somebody Else Is on The Moon Full Video :

This might be a vehicle instead of a construction, but just look at minute/second 22:38. All the video does it flash it by you, so stop at 22:36, and click on and off real fast just to catch it perfectly.

Minute/second 22:48 shows the clearest shot of all of a tower, and the image isn’t so small, either. It also flashes by quickly, it lasts about one second on the screen, so catch it!

And just to throw in the kitchen sink, here is a new one that I have just noticed, but I haven’t seen it yet. It is by the same person as the first one:

By the way, download everything and buy the book!


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In Chapter Sixteen, Assorted Oddities, George Leonard makes three comments about sub surface activity on The Moon. He offers some explanatory pictures in the appendix and includes the ID Number from Never A Straight Answer, (NASA); but I've already mentioned that the resolution in the reprint is a problem. And I don't always "follow" the sketches, although some pics and sketches definitely get the job done.

But I'm going to run some comments by you, a sub sectioin of the chapter, just to give an idea, and I hope that this will lead you to purchase the book. The reading is easy, it is not some long thing written out in small print or anything like that, and it's got be on the cheap side. He lays out the whole smorgasbord of lunar anonmalies AND explains things, he follows a process of reasoning and gives you enough background to really be able to intepret the anomalous images that we see on the internet nowadays.

Here is one sub section from Chapter Sixteen, just to throw you an enticing tidbit.

Page 176 - 177:

"Set of Wagon Wheels Half Buried in the Sand"

"[At least,] "That's what it looks like. A better guess would be that it is a sevomechanism control or device for making a mechanical change(such as an automatic cover) in this crater".

"... It is sketched at the top of page 177. One instictively knows that this crater is "different" by virtue of the black circles on the rim. It is near the Fra Mauro landing site of the Apollo 14 Mission. The picture was taken by Orbiter III and is Plate Number 24 (70-H-1630)".

"If the occupants of The Moon conduct most of their business of living underground to escape radiation and meteorites and to maintain ideal temperature, pressure and atmosphere; then openings to these underground vaults must exist. This Crater may represents such an opening - with a control gadget will not escape. The black circles on the rim may be smallprivate flying vehicles. These guesses may well be wrong, but we can say with a high degree of certainty that the object in that crater was manufactured by very intelligent beings."

Anyway, there seems to be underground cavern worlds on the Moon as evidenced by smokestacks in the sand on The Moon, and openings with open-and-close mechanisms in the floor of some craters.


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List Members,

The sketch for the following sub section is smack on!

How about Chapter Eight, Things That Move Around [on The Moon]

Pages 100 - 101

"Plate 2 has objects which appear different from the two-bumps-with-side-appendage kind. They are perfectly oval, one of them is striking for its engineered aspect. It is in a cluster of other objects. It looks like this Page 101) ".

"This is the manufactured object I told you about in Chapter One. It, more than any other single feature, forced me to organize my findings and write this book. And that was before I'd known about the craters being sprayed out!" [to make a flat surface - Dean]

"The three "struts" at one end of the object, with the peak at the opposite end, are so pefect as to demand the conclusion that his is artifical. My guess is that it is a vewhicle of some kind. It is absolutely impossible for this kind of regularity - the perfect oval, the evenly spaced rear struts, the perfect peak - to be produced on a random Moon by nature. Note, incidentally, the presence of several "cilia" of appendages pointing downward of the right side." [Cilia are like eyelashes or natural brush hairs]

Get that book while you can!


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List Members,

The following is not directly related to sub surface worlds on The Moon, nor The hollow Moon. However, since I am still reading Somebody Else Is on The Moon, I might as well include the following.

I’ll have a special conclusion soon.

: ^ )

Pages 184 - 185

T-Bar Plumbing

“We return to smallish craters, many of which show evidence of right-angled and T-bar plumbing. The word “pumbing” is used in its broadest implications: plumbing for water, for waste or or as a pipe-like conduit for a wide variety of basic needs, including atmosphere, heat, fuel, etc.”

“A clear example shows up in Plate 32 (66-H-1611). It is Sketched below. The reason for T-bar plumbing of this sort to extrude in a much larger crater (The total length of the sketched object is perhaps a twentieth the crater diameter) is not clear. But since the crater appears to be of the impact variety and not artificial, the plumbing object could have been exposed by accident when the meteorite hit. The resemblance in the object in Plate 33 (67-H-318) is striking.”

[First picture here]

“Another type makes its appearance in Plate 34 (67-H-307). My sketch of it appears below. The crater in which it is found is very small, not much larger than an ordinary house. As would be expected, the area contains many small anomalous craters which are difficult to classify. The ‘pipe’ in the crater under discussion has a sharply defined and perfect right angle, the most persuasive evidence of its artificiality.”

[Second Pic Here]


Keep in mind that this is not a sketch of the plumbing underneath your kitchen sink. This is T-bar plumbing that goes through crater walls. To where, I don’t know.