Solar storms causing "mysterious heat waves and Auroras" on Jupiter - oh really ????

Folks , you must read this article - for the sheer STUPIDITY of mainstream science in it's understanding of the reason for Jupiter's upper atmosphere to be so hot :))

Instead of realising that the source of heat is what emerges from Jupiter's core via it's Polar openings , they are attributing this heat and EVEN Jupiter's intense , power-packed Auroras to Solar winds !


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Solar winds? That's weird.

@SilverMoon , by the time these Solar winds reach distant Jupiter , they are much weaker than what they are at Earth's distance from the Sun . How then can they fuel Jupiter's dazzling Auroras to such an INSANE level of intensity ?? Common Sense itself suggests the true root cause of Jupiter's Auroral strength is very different - it's the energy being emitted by Jupiter's inner Sun via it's Polar openings :))