Significant UFO Sighting on 5 March 2020. Was this the Starlink system?

Last night there were a large number of UFO sightings around 8:00 PM Eastern time (1:00 AM UTC 2020-03-06) across the United States and Canada. It appears that there were at least hundreds if not thousands of sightings. Everyone as far west as Arizona and Utah saw the same line of crafts in the sky so it appears that everyone was seeing objects in outer space that were reflecting light. See map from

Here's a full page capture of the first page of events for yesterday:

Clickable links with descriptions of this event:

This very possibly could have been the Space-X Starlink system, but the description and images/videos are not lining up exactly:

These do sound like some kind of a satellite array, but I suspect it must be another one than this. Any other such arrays that we know of that have been implemented?

@Soretna , I personally think this is different from the Space-X system , for the simple reason that the authorities would have been very quick to point that out to the public (had it been connected to Space-X) , for dispelling other conspiracy theories and speculations :))


I've had similar thoughts... Sightings, though, have been consistent now. Hmm.