She Creature, On topic?


I was watching the movie She Creature last night, and it was interesting to me; and to us.

Here is the Rotten Tomatoesw review:

"Two Irish carnival workers, Angus (Rufus Sewell) and Lily (Carla Gugino), operate a lackluster sideshow for a circus. All of that has the potential to change when they meet an old sailor, Mr. Woolrich (Aubrey Morris), who happens to possess a real mermaid (Rya Kihlstedt). With visions of fame and success running through his head, Angus abducts the mermaid and boards a boat to America with Lily. However, the mermaid is not as docile as she seems, and crew members start mysteriously disappearing".

Well, Mermaids don't spend much time on the surface in the sunlight. And they live beneath the surface, beneath the waves. So they are kind of on topic. They do abduct people, I don't know how. So I thinnk that it's worth it to us to know about them.

And they are shape-shifters. I think that a shape-shifter book that I have tells a bit about them. I'll look it up.


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