Secret soviet military base "The Rock" and Hegewald bunker of Himmler near Kyiv , Ukraine !

Folks , Ukraine is crawling with underground facilities and DUMBs...many from the erstwhile Soviet Union and some dating back even to WW is worth remembering that some of THE most epic and bloody battles of WW II were fought on Ukrainian soil...

**At the start of the Nazi invasion , many Ukrainians had welcomed them as liberators...but as the War progressed , their view changed completely . Given Ukraine's strategic importance , both sides had used the infamous "Scorched Earth" policy in that area - whenever either side was forced to retreate :-

Secret soviet military base "The Rock" and Hegewald bunker

Visit the unique military facilities of the World War II era. Stalin’s secret bunker called "The Rock", which for more than half a century was strictly confidential, and the Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler's headquarters Hegewald, where the secrets of the Third Reich are hidden.

Secret soviet military base “The Rock” and Hegewald bunker

150 kilometers to the west of Kyiv there are two secret military facilities of World War II era.

“The Rock” military base was built in the late 30’s in Korosten, in a granite rock and was rumored to be constructed personally for Stalin. The exact purpose and the communication scheme of the object still remain unknown. All documents concerning it are stored in the Moscow archives under the “Top Secret” stamp until 2039.

Hegewald bunker near Zhytomyr was built in 1941. Heinrich Himmler developed his general plan “Ost” there. Hegewald was to become the center of the Aryan expansion to the territory of Eastern Europe.

Today, both objects keep many secrets that have yet to be revealed.

  1. Secret soviet military base "The Rock"
  2. Hegewald bunker
  3. Kyiv


“The Rock” is an underground 156 meters long tunnel with 30 rooms at a depth of 40 meters, which is protected by 2 meters of concrete, 18 meters of granite and 20 meters of land. It can withstand an atomic explosion.

You will visit the bunker’s command post and see its engineering communications and mechanisms that are still operating.

Although today the bunker houses a museum, it takes only 15 minutes to put it into combat condition.


Himmler’s Ukrainian headquarters was built with the use of the most modern technologies of the time. It featured an underground residence, an aboveground and underground bunkers, a telephone exchange, a tennis court, an airfield and a memorial to German soldiers.

With our experienced guide you will be able to enter the aboveground bunker, which can withstand the direct hit of aircraft bombs .


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As this grim war between Russia and Ukraine rages on , amidst the irony of ongoing talks to send Germany's Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine , I am reminded of the enormous loss of life in Soviet era Ukraine during WW also brings to mind a topic we have discussed before in this forum...of how young Ukrainian women had been encouraged by the Nazis to marry German officers , in order to have a "bright future" in the emerging Nazi empire of that time...a small group of Ukrainian women did actually go to Hitler's underground Base in Antarctica - what became of them remains a mystery , but there are conspiracy theories around which claim that they were finally sent to the Nazi colony on the moon ! Wonder what really happened ??