Reptoid acting on the rise

Gross to see how people are puttin' on the reptilian dog so to speak. Seems like everyone is trying to prepare us for the reptilian overlords even if they don't really know it!



Unfotunately, sadly, you are so, so, so on the money.

Cheers anyway ...


It (he?) looks like a gargoyle.

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Sure does. This stuff is pure evil and while this guy has a horrible riddled with evil done to him past, it's still all just a bunch of demons working everyone over.

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I see afffable dragons and monsters and weird creatures all the time on television and internet.

It's sad, everything that traditional western culture represents is going down the drain. The Bible warns against underground creatures and refers to them as demons and devils, but the main teacher of norms and values that we are exposed to is television.

Western culture is toast.

Tears, not cheers ...


So true. The world has gone insane, and I'm sure the demons and devils are delighted about it.

I would add social media to that. It seems like the younger generation are addicted to sites like Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Those are the same sites that seem to ban those who think straight.