New Madrid Fault Line: imminent danger for the USA and world?

@jimhicks36 forwarded an email that I wanted to address here. There are rumblings/rumors going around that the New Madrid Fault Line (aka New Madrid Seismic Zone) may rupture and issue catastrophic damage to the USA, Central & South America as well as the rest of the world with the possibilities of this triggering many other events and eruptions due to it's enormous size and potential impact.

Just for the record, I have reservations believing this will happen this year, but there is always a chance and our best tool against being caught unawares is education. The more I review this situation and the history of past earthquakes, the more I'm becoming convinced that this profoundly important situation is being minimized or outright hidden in some ways. There are obvious motivations such as significant impact on economy and growth, but perhaps some more insidious reasons as well to consider.

To the end of educating ourselves, I thought I should document some findings and the potentialities as presented by other images and data that one may find through some searching online.

First, here is what is referred to the New Madrid Fault Line as far as legacy geology shows it:

Again, when considering information above, it becomes somewhat evident that there's a lot of fear surrounding this situation. It could be catastrophic for not only the USA, but the world. It could trigger a lot of other events both societally and geographically.

It would be worth exploring other events around this same time period. It would be interesting to review a larger scoped timeline to see what other earthquakes, volcanoes, and other observations from journals and such happened in chronological proximity.

Having set some stage here, let me now share the emails that Jim shared with a prefixed warning: I DO NOT BELIEVE THE "ZETATALK" INFORMATION IN AND OF ITSELF. Arlene in a followup email to Jim explains her rationale and I think it is solid:

"Dragon" wrote:

everyone drove a pink Cadillac we'd be a pink car nation.

Let's get down to serious stuff. There was a post on Rumor Mill News that was a warning about the New Madrid fault. It has already affected some areas of the earth and the Zetas say that
there's more action coming.


It's a long post but very important. The short answer is, if you don't have time to read it, get out of New York City, Boston, St. Louis, Cleveland and New Orleans. And Chicago. The Zetas say that Chicago will sink into the canals under the city.

It's going to be an interesting year. The dollar is crashing now, people are dying from the vaccine, and now this. Some will heed this warning, some will not. As Doris Day would say in her song, Que Sera, Sera.


There following is a snapshot of some maps/diagrams from the ZetaTalk posts:

Other references / links:

Arlene replied:

I used to read Zetatalk newsletter religiously every Saturday morning,
but haven't read it now for some time, because the originator of it
promoted MSM news advertisers on it. And Planet X never seemed
to arrive when others predicted it would. So, what I figured is that it
was just striking fear in people, and when people fear they can't think
and are easily controlled.

I even went to the extent of eliminating the Planet X news I had
published in my 35th to 37th editions, and replaced it with information
that people must have on who is running the show here in December
2017. My website developer didn't change the cover, so if you were
to log onto those three editions, you'd still see Planet X there. They
are and

But read the work that's at those 3 links, because we can't allow
these evils to control us anymore. I sent an Email in December 2017
that said Announcement in it Jim. You may remember receiving that
Email when you joined my Address Book

Personally, I feel that Planet X (Nibiru) does exist, but I refuse to allow
it to make me worry.

God bless,


Now, with those two shares, let's dive in a little deeper to some interesting projections from various parties and see what might be possible to look forward to in terms of potentialities.

All input and further discussion is more than welcome!

While I was looking for some information and past timelines, I stumbled upon some maps.

Please read and understand what these maps are. There seems to be so much in the way of difficult-to-trust maps floating around and I will be presenting these various maps below since they are interesting, but perhaps simply garbage. The first 2 maps MIGHT be more data-centric and after that things really move into the "revelations" and "visions" category.

When looking at the previous maps and some of the following, one can imagine that since this fault zone is several times larger than the San Andreas fault then it could be pretty cataclysmic. Here's a map that shows the distance the damage of the 1811 quake reached:

StrangeSounds has a post that talks more about this:

According to that article, both zones (San Andreas and New Madrid) are overdue for big earthquakes.

Unsure of the origin of this (it appears on a few blogs with no clear "origin") and it appears that the St. Lawrence Rift Zone might be sometimes misconstrued as the New Madrid Seismic "Fault" (in reality it is a somewhat seeming localized zone that is, as this map indicates, kind of an intersection of large fault lines or some such phenomena):

Furthermore, I found maps matching similar terms to "safe zones in the usa" to be very interesting. I'll share a few here below since these are from various sources:

Source: Polymath at Large: August 2014

It wasn't 100% clear on if that map above came from that book and whether or not this map is based on data or visions/spiritual divination and thus my sureness wavers on this previous map and the following.

(Side note, found this map interesting of the "seven deadly sins" mapped to the USA to be peculiarly interesting: Bayou Renaissance Man: The Seven Deadly Sins in the USA)

There appears to be, supposedly, a "Navy" or "U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission" Map of the future USA floating around that looks similar to this:

us navy map of future america

Another map that has been going around is one that is supposedly from an abandoned Soviet Union military base in Chernobyl. People are saying that it's a "flat Earth" map, but clearly it's not and I think that perhaps the image that they are talking about as showing the USA split in two is simply the Mississippi River:

I also found the positive ion/charge indication in the upper atmosphere to be interesting:

The following map is somehow being attached to the New Madrid Fault Zone situation through various websites and discussion, but appears to be a kind of catastrophic event + legacy climatology "global warming" scenario (if it is in fact based on "global warming," which is clearly unequivocally and scientifically false based on the real data; see previous discussions if in doubt, then I simply can't in the slightest bit trust these). I have not read into the following, but may be worth some investigation since these are apparently from information/revelations/visions/dreams/whatever supposedly given to a fellow by the name of Gordon Michael Scallion:

I did not have time to listen to his entire video, but he did mention that the Earth has a plasma core at one point and so he might say and believe other interesting things:
(YouTube link)

Another, but short (about 6 minutes), video here: Future Map of North America - YouTube


Summary of predictions: A Summary Of Scallion's Most Import Predictions

Someone for some reason had problems with selling his maps and felt as though they could no longer support his efforts, but say it was NOT because of the accuracy of his predictions and such, so I don't know what to think about this info, but I figured I should include it nonetheless for consideration:

Notice his old website from

  • Lower resolution maps (mostly broken since it's an archive without some images):

Larger resolution map you can zoom into:

There appears to be more (high'ish resolution) maps or sections of his maps here:

USA & North America:

South America:


Northern Europe:


Africa & Mediteranian:

Australia & New Zealand:

It is said that the "I AM" maps are very similar from Lori Adaile Toye. Some things that she says, at a very cursory glimpse, seem as though she's been talking to cavern worlders via spirt-medium. I suspect possibly the same of the above author insomuch that they share various similarities and also tend to mix truth with deceptions (perhaps simply being tricked themselves).

It appears that the "I AM" reference may probably be regarding the "'I AM' Activity Movement" that is an offshoot of theosophy.

Map is available for purchase: I AM America Map

Seems that larger high definition maps are not readily available online:

Reddit post: An interesting map to say the least.... : mapgore

It may be interesting to note that the same folks that could no longer support Scallion above did start to sell/distribute Toye's maps here:

Vista parcial de I am America

(Source link)

It appears she has a book for sale here:

As well as other books:

It could be interesting reading these books if one can discern truth from lie as is critical in obtaining any information today from essentially any source.

Apparently some other visions exist as well that have been mapped, for example:

  • Lengthy discussion of various maps and scenarios:
  • New Madrid "prophecies":

From link above:

1941 map from link above:

Nita Johnson's 1989 map of coming USA disasters:

1993, Matthew Stephen's map (appears safe areas are in blue):

1995, NewHeavenNewEarth:

The New Earth by Aron and Doris Abrahamsen:
The New Earth by Aron and Doris Abrahamsen

Dolores Cannon's Nostradamus Map:
Dolores Cannon's Nostradamus Map

Ashton Pitre's map:
Ashton Pitre's Map

America in The New Millennium, by Chet Snow:
Dr Chet Snow's Earth Change Map

Apparently Edgar Cayce gave a map, of sorts, when he said:

“As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye …” Edgar Cayce reading 3976-15

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Amazing information @Soretna ! Thanks a lot for will take some time to absorb all of this content...connecting the dots here could lead to some huge revelations .


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