New electric generator 15kW to 1.5 megaWatt...

Recently I found an organization that claims to manufacture a device that produces a significant amount of electricity. The smallest unit they sell would produce enough power for up to three to ten homes depending on levels of energy consumption. The cost was surprising in that it's roughly 1/2 to 1/4 the cost of solar and produces electricity day AND NIGHT. In other words, at reduced energy level usage during the night you could charge battery banks and really augment your power output for the next day and perhaps drive up the provisioning another couple of homes worth.

I don't want to really broadcast who the manufacturer is at this point, but I did want to ask if anyone around may be interested in a "group buy" of this device where perhaps one of us could purchase this device and then test out it out so that we can know whether or not this is legitimate. If we got enough members to offset this it could be a relatively small investment to make for such device that would offer a return on investment within months or at most 1.5 to 2 years. This is a far cry from solar ROI!!!

@Soretna , it sure sounds interesting . By the way , lately I've been reading up a lot on "solid state battery" tech and that's very promising too .