Michael Jaco and Jason Shurka share the ultimate disclosure !

List members, this presentation has some astounding facts - please listen in to it & decide for yourself :-


Here's an excellent video by TLS :-



He talks abut beings being at the heart of these manipulations, but extrordinary claims require exraordinary proof.

I do know, however, that HAARP generated electromagnetic radiations can push storm systems and hurricanes around.


@deandddd , you should watch part I as well to get a better perspective on these disclosures . "TLS" is a group that really exists . Their total number globally is just a few thousand members...



Well, on the allplanets-hollow, we've got just a few dozen, or a bit less. Maybe we should join forces with them; we could really help!

Actually, the Latest page get between 100 - 150 hits per day from people who are not registered on the list, and between 50 - 90 list members look at the Latest page everyday.

So we are making an impact; but most people are private about it or go off and use the information elsewhere. All of this is ok, everybody has their own way.


@deandddd , my gut feel is the same as what you believe about this...so , I really think everyone in our forum should also watch Part I of this disclosure (Part II was already shared in the earlier post in this thread) :-


Not sure if anyone noticed this , but the purposely distorted voice of the anonymous speaker in these videos - "Ray" , sounds so much like Darth Vader from Star Wars :)) I wonder if that was intentionally done , whether the makers of this video wanted it to sound like that ??


Folks , now here comes Part 3 !


List members , here is the actual presentation - Part 3 , by "Ray" from TLS Group :-


Some things don't sit well with me with some of what I'm hearing from the presenters. I feel as though even what they're saying is seemingly positive, it may be from cavern world influence in order to misdirect and ultimately deceive in some fashions.

@Soretna , yes - we can't be absolutely sure of their motivations , but there are certain aspects of these mind boggling disclosures which validate some very ancient beliefs about the true nature of reality...there are certain other "facts" in their videos that are known ONLY to secret societies for thousands of years...again , we can't be 100% sure about their final objective in revealing such aspects , but they are sharing some specific information here that NOBODY in the common public EVER gets a whiff of !