Mayan Pyramid Largest in the World, Goes Underground ...

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This is not a hill with constructions on it. The "hill" is a terraced, man-made construction. Good Lord.

Let's keep this on topic. At one minute, twenty-four seconds (1:24) you see a quick shot at some doorways called The Palaces "to" the Underworld. I don't think that today it goes straight through and accesses the underworld, but perhaps they cemented it up.


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I was looking over this video about the Tonina Pyramid structure in Mexico, a Mayan structure extremely close to Guatemala. I originally posted it last February.

At that time, I mentioned the doorways that appear at minute/second 1:23 - 1:28. Thinking it over again, there is nothing in the picture to constrast them with in order to measure their height, but think about how many stones are piled up to reach the top. They look like dorways built for giants. They may be from before the cloud mantle fell and the Kaliyuga started, when people were ten feet tall or so.

Starting at 4:19 minutes/seconds, you see a film shot of the whole thing and how tall it is. It used to be thought that the top pyramid was built on a hill that were terraced, but now it is understood that the "hills" were constructed in a terraced way. The truth is, it is one of the largest pyramid structures in the world.

I don't think it was built by Mayan Indians by hand, with simple tools.

And at minute/second 8:48 the narrator talks about the "entrance to the underworld" or it was "Temple of the Underworld", something like that. Anyway, with a name like that, I bet that its continuation has been cemented up.

You know, in Mexico City, the convoy that had come with pack animals and ransom to save Montezuma had to backtrack, and it disappeared from the face of the Earth in about 20 minutes or half an hour at most. And there was no jungle growth or anything like that in that area, the view was unobstructed, basically. They must have gone into a tunnel with a doorway that was able to slide up and down, like that one that the Pied Piper of Hamelin used. When it was shut, it couldn't be distinguished from the side of the hill, it blended in.

I think that some of these Mayan and Egyptian structures link with worlds below, but the entrances are cemented up and plastered over, or made to look like natural endings. Otherwise, why would it have a name like that? They wouldn't give it an underworld name like that just to play at being spooky. There is a reason for everything. We have to confront yourselves.