Mars Polar Images ...


Look at this image of the inward-sloping crater at the Martian North Pole. There is a lot of mist in it, but there is also an opening to hollow Mars.

There are quite a few nice ones on this page:


Awesome @deandddd thanks for sharing! Here's the first image for direct reference. (The second link seems to go to the same places, was there another page you wanted us to see?)



No, the first link/image was culled from the second one, the page with a whole bunch of images.

But it's funny, I never saw that single image of the Martian polar crater. What an interesting angle.


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@deandddd , @Soretna , this is one of the best images of Mars North Polar region seen recently . it must have required a Polar orbit to capture it . Thanks for sharing !


Sidhartha, Soretna,

The impression that I have had from all the images of the Martian Pole is that the sides are quite steep. This image above, which I had never seen before, simply confirms this.

Subsidence ?


@deandddd , the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has the power to settle this question once and for all - in a single view . The Billion Dollar question is , will we get to see the REAL images streaming from it ??!!



The Chinese have shown some revealing images of The Moon.

But if this James Webb Telescope is American, I doubt we will see anything more revealing than what we have already seen.

I guess that given certain angles and tilts, there will be times - during close approximations - when we will be able to see the inner wall of the northern polar crater.


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