Huge meteor fireballs exploded in loud booms over California, Argentina/Chile and New Zealand ...

People, The article states: "A huge flash of light electricized the sky over the province of Mendoza, Argentina and over Santiago de Chile, the capital city of Chile, at around 5:30am, when a bright fireball, heading for the Andes, exploded violently."

Yes, the artticle states: " ... heading for the Andes, exploded violently."

Heading towards the underground worlds of the Incas. Somebody, such as some celestials, took a shot at the undergropund world of The Andes. I guess someone wanted to collapse a cavern worldd or two.


@deandddd , a fireball of this intensity in the sky has been spotted after quite some time...let's see if it's followed by more , or this was just an isolated , random incident .


Very interesting. Not precisely related, but I know an older gentleman that related an interesting story (was a doctor with a group of other business associates). They witnessed a "fireball" come (drop) out of the sky as they were returning to their office about 50 years ago. This "fireball" came right down to them, it seemed within tens of feet from the description, hovered and/or observed them briefly, and then shot back up...

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