"Greenland" , the movie - too many coincidences with the timing of V.O.D. release

Folks , I am sure by now , at least some of you would have seen an online trailer of this movie , released few days back for Video on demand (V.O.D.) - "Greenland" , which is about a comet impact . In this movie the hero and his family need to escape to a deep underground bunker in Greenland , which might be the only safe place on Earth to ride out the disaster...

Now for several reasons , the timing and subject of this movie seem to contain far TOO MANY coincidences . One of them is the mystery of Greenland itself , secondly the fact that 12,800 years ago , a massive comet had struck Greenland itself , shifting the Earth's geographic North Pole and ending the Hyperborean civilisation of the Arctic region !

I guess each one of us will draw our own conclusions , but this one seems too significant to ignore :-