Geographical Atlantean giant connections...

Jan Lamprecht has an interesting diagram in his book:

Note how north-western Africa and the north-eastern North America come together?

Isn't it interesting that as per the likelihood of Atlantis being at the Richot Structure (Jimmy @ Bright Insight video 1 and video 2, etc.) and how there are so many giants + red hair and Rh blood factor connections in near vicinities and then again in the north-eastern North American region that these geographical regions could have been connected?

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@Soretna , I think "red haired giants" are being referred to , in quite a few anomalous discoveries in many different parts of the it would be worth investigating the actual genetic origins of red hair in the present day human population...hmm , some food for thought !


Right, this is my thought as well and this geographical merge point or boundary (if you want to call it that) connection here really gave me some food for thought. You'll notice that the Florida coast connection is ALSO made as well as South American connection, so various shorelines / regions that have strong "giant" presence is correlated.