Elon Musk Wants to Nuke Mars, at the Poles!!!


I cannot believe it! On the plea of terraforming Mars, Musk wants to nuke Mars at the poles!

Bad news, bad implications, for those who live on the inner side of the orifice.

Does this mean that Mars cannot even protect itself from a rocket or missile? I thought that Mars had UFO type craft and technology because, every time Mars makes its closest approach to Earth, the UFO sightings increase.

Good grief!


@deandddd , it would be crazy and disastrous for anyone to attempt that . Hope better sense prevails and Elon Musk desists from any such plan .


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That's insane! I hope it never happens.

The residents of hollow Mars and the hollow earth might be bottled up, and unable to protect their front yards.

The radiation frm such a blast would be such into the hollow world and upset certain equilibriums.

Who is Musk? An agent of whom?

How do they pay him? With life extending prana/life airs? In the fairy circles, the fairies such the life airs out of the humans who tread where they shouldn't.

No wonder the life spans of underground entities is so long.


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