Dinosaur in India During Krishna's times? From Where?

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The narration of Arjuna's trip to the underworld of the NAGAs tells us that the home of the serpents and reptiles is underground.


And in the case of the Hill-sized lizard Nriga - during Krishna's time - who was found in a huge sinkhole type of well? A dinosaur, obviously. The lizard had to have come up from an underground stream. The lizard didn't fly in from the clouds only to plop down in a sinkhole well. I think most all reptiles live underground or underwater.

From Merriam Webster's online Dictionary, a definition of sinkhole:

: a hollow in a limestone region that communicates with a cavern or passage

A dinosaur in India during Krishna's times. Hmmm ...


Very fascinating story @deandddd , Lord Krishna had also encountered and overcome a multi-hooded giant serpent , the poisonous Kalia , who used to live in the Yamuna river in that era and terrorise people and animals living close to that river...!



Yes, there were several demons who attacked the Krishna Avatar when he was a child. The Kalia serpent incident has been one of the most famous. The Dravidians used to worship various reptiles and serpents, Rahu being another one. The same serpent worship, with the same stories behind them, and the same type of temple architecture, went on in former times from South India to the Yucatan Penninsula. Actually, it seems that their worship extended to Egypt, too.