Cloaked UFOs Shooting Plasma at Each Other in Henderson, Nevada


Give me a reality check, please ....

Sidhartha, any opinions?


This 2019 video appears to be making its rounds now for some reason. The Weebly website to which you linked seems to be down right now.
(YouTube Link)

There are a lot of comments. Many people believe the effect to be headlights reflecting in the window. I suppose it's possible and I'm not 100% convinced that this is something to get excited about, but it's cool and interesting.

This may be the Florida video they're talking about and there are some followup videos about what it supposedly was or the government says that it was, etc:
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Well, I would say that the Florida clip is a missile, which is not an outrageous surprise.

The shooting video doesn't look like windshield glare to me. And it happened in Nevada!


I agree on both counts, but I'm not really convinced of what the Nevada clip could be otherwise yet since it is so repetitious / looping in nature. It looks like a high energy "exchange" to some degree, but again, it has a repetitious quality about it as well that makes me feel as if it was manufactured with some CGI effort. Hmm.

There are some additional videos around from Nevada it appears that do seem kind of similar and from a different perspective. This one is from May 2020:
(YouTube Link)

That first shootout seems like a fixed lazer cannon battery that is being tested by a UFO that keeps on probing.

That second one from Nevada, too, was interesting. Some UFO craft did shoot across the sky, I do believe.