Cater's Chapter Six

From Chapter Six of The Awesome Life Force


As mentioned in Part I, some of the pictures of the earth taken from
satellites and the moon have indicated a large egress into the hollow
interior of the earth. It is located just south of the North Pole in
northern Canada. This, of course, is only a small part of the
evidence of a large entrance into the earth.
Arctic regions well above the Artic Circle periodically experience a
fall of red pollen which discolors the snow. Some species of birds in
the higher latitudes migrate north instead of south during the fall.
Warm north winds often occur in these areas. Also, large quantities
of driftwood are found along shores in the far north that couldn't
have come from the forests and trees to the south. The ocean currents
are in the wrong direction. There are indications that some of the
driftwood came from large trees. Trees of comparable size only exist
in the temperate regions of the outer earth. Icebergs in the North
Atlantic are comprised of fresh water. This means they were not
formed from ocean water. If so, they would contain large quantities
of salt. The driftwood and the icebergs suggest that a great river
flows out of the opening, carrying driftwood with it and
freezing, as it enters the outer earth to form the icebergs.
Such a large opening clears up the discrepancies in Admiral Peary's
alleged trek to the North Pole. Leading explorers of the day
seriously doubted the validity of Peary's claims. Even the U.S. Navy
had serious doubts. To prevent a scandal which would cast a cloud
over the service, 6e was officially given credit for reaching the
pole. Interestingly enough, the route taken by Peary intersected the
lip of the opening shown by the satellite pictures. The later stages
of Peary's trek showed daily increases in latitude that indicated
mileages impossible to cover by dog sled over the kind of terrain
that exists in the area. In fact, even under ideal conditions, such
mileages would have set new records for travel by dog sled during a
24 hour period. As Peary entered the region of the opening, the
curvature of the earth would rapidly increase and his instruments
would have greatly exaggerated the degree of latitude attained.
Finally, there would have been an indication of 90 degrees latitude
while he was still far from the actual pole.

The earth and other planets are hollow from logical and theoretical
considerations. Since electromagnetic radiations, including those in
the gravity inducing range, have limited penetration, it follows that
they, the planets, could not remain in their present orbits at their
present orbital speeds if they were the solid balls academic science
claims. Even a hollow earth would be too massive if its shell were
solid and not honeycombed with the vast caverns it possesses. The
satellite pictures of the earth, in cluding the view described in
Part I showing the flat in its outline provide a clue for estimating
the thickness of the shell. The flat is about 1600 miles across and
the actual hole seems to be about 800 miles in diameter.

If the curvature around the lip is uniform, then the shell must be
about 800 miles thick. The book, Etidorhpa, to be reviewed briefly in
this chapter, also states that the thickness of the shell is 800

The planets are hollow from a still more logical standpoint. They
were created by intelligent planning to support life and for the
progression of various life forms. It follows they would be designed
or engineered for the most efficient operation. A hollow planet with
caverns throughout its shell could support many times the amount of
life, since it would have many times the surface area available than
would a solid planet. More important yet, such a planet could be
maneuvered into various positions (as they are at times) far more
readily than if they were solid. The Logos, who created the planets
are, of course, far more intelligent than any human. Therefore, they
would not be so stupid as to produce solid balls, for planets, as an
academic scientist would if he possessed the power to create a

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