Cater and Hollow Venus

Here is some evidence on Hollow Venus from The Awesome Life Force of
Joesph H. Cater.

Realize that radar pictures would NOT show radiations from an inner light source emanating from the polar Venusian openings as the outgoing energies would interfere the radar and indicate but depressions. The interferometer on the Pioneer Venus Orbiter, however, did detect heat and light.


"Radar pictures recently taken of Venus show two almost perfectly round depressions that are antipodes of each other. One has a diameter that is 40 percent as great as that of the planet itself. The other has a diameter nearly 30 percent as great. Incredibly, these were explained away as being impact craters. It is difficult to believe that even the scientific community has any members of sufficient mental vacuity to endorse such an explanation. Yet the author knows an honored member intimately who insists this is what they are. As anyone who has even a modicum of intelligence should realize, an impact crater will have a depth that is a reasonable percentage of its diameter, especially if the missile does not bounce off and sinks below the surface. An impact capable of producing a crater with such a diameter would completely shatter even a solid planet The impossible coincidence that a planet would have two such craters, nearly the exact antipode of each other, has been cheerfully ignored."