Artifacts Found in Coal Deposits

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Here is an online book by Jonathan Gray which is an easy, interesting read. It's mostly about artifacts and human remains found in veins of coal deep below the surface.

How long have humans been on this planet?


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Thank you @deandddd!!! These "OOP Artifacts" (Out-of-place Artifacts) are so critically important and compelling for additional research and reconsideration of history. It makes one wonder not simply about how long humans have been here, but were there other humanoid-reptiloid societies here long before us who are the cavern dwellers now?

So many questions!


From what I understand from the Puranas, The Sun doesn't experience these negative periods such as the Kaliyuga. It is always illuminated and the demons and reptoids cannot handle such light and radiations.

Due to the proximity, I think that human society is always regenerated and fostered; from The Sun, and from the higher, celestial planetary systems.

In The Bhagavad GIta, the Krishna Avatar tells that his incarnations are cyclical. In the Puranas, the Kalki Avatar is decribed, that He comes at the end of the Kaliyuga and eliminates the demons from the inner surface, and re-populates the outer surface because the outer surface becomes beautiful again.

So I think that there are always humans and always demons, just as there is always good and bad. But the demons live below wherein they escape from radiations which are harmful to them, and don't influence the surface much until the Kaliyuga comes around the next time.

The Bhagavad Gita War was when the demons started their influence on the surface again, anticipating the Kaliyuga. They manipulated the end of the Vedic warrior communities, corrupted them, and then started the manipulation of the surface on a broader scale.


An interesting website that I think has been briefly mentioned before, but worth a look in connection to OOPArts (Out of Place Artifacts):

Those above appear to be from coal deposits, but there are more that are interesting:

They screw this one up by saying "Rocky Mountains" - this is in the Appalachian Mountains, which are believed to be MUCH older than the Rockies:

And lots and lots more stories on that website that are quite interesting.