Another New Lunar Video by Chris - Alien Structures On The Moon ~ Apollo 11~ 4/1/2021


I was looking at another video by Chris and the photo that he examines. It looks pretty genuine, I don't imagine that it's like the Mars Rover images that are sent back to us. I seriously doubt them, but I wouldn't doubt that they were made on Devon Island in Canada.

The narrator Chris does give the NASA ID Number.

At 3:31 he starts showing the "Alien opçenings in a hillside", well pointed out with arrows. These interest us because the openings don't look to be very accessible by land because they are rather high up on those hillsides. They look more like openings that vehicles might fly into. Openings to where? the only possible answer is openings to some sub surface, lunar environment.

The Moon is hollow, too. What else?