Amazing tales emanated from Tibet

From Jan Lamprecht's book, Hollow Planets-

"Amazing tales emanated from Tibet. There were strange stories from
this land which was ruled by the priesthood and whose priests had
strange powers. There were some Westerners who decided to go sneaking
through this country to see what was really going on. It is to these
extremely hardy and dedicated individuals that we owe our
descriptions of Tibet before the Communist Chinese came and enslaved
that nation, and destroyed its priesthood."

"One of these travellers was a German, Theodore Illion. Illion tackled
the task of sneaking through Tibet with typical Germanic
thoroughness. In 1932 he began planning his trip. He left Germany in
1934 and returned in 1936 whereupon he wrote his Ratfelhaftes Tibet.
Illion could speak Tibetan fluently. He intended travelling in
disguise. He planned to dress and behave like a Tibetan. He was to
find that the ignorance of the common people was great and this
helped him considerably in pulling this stunt off. The Lamas were
however cleverer, and he did not fool them as easily. In their
presence he would pretend to be deaf and dumb. Once in Tibet he was
found out. But he was also fortunate enough to make friends
with some of the Lamas who saw no harm in assisting him even though
this was forbidden."

"Since Tibet is a mountainous desert there was little point in taking
beasts of burden with him. Sometimes one could travel hundreds of
miles without seeing a single blade of grass. So Illion began
practising the normal mode of travel in Tibet walking. He began
walking long distances."

"Illion's experiences in Tibet led him to believe that the Tibetans
over exaggerated when they spoke of an underground city. Illion
believed that he had indeed discovered the underground city. In his
introduction to Darkness over Tibet, Illion writes: "The existence of
an underground city in Tibet is occasionally hinted at by well
informed people in the forbidden country, although the stories are
often extravagant and turn the underground city, which I succeeded in
entering, into a 'mighty underground empire inhabited by millions of
people' (emphasis added)."

"Tibet becomes somewhat more accessible as the years roll by, and I
am confident that eventually explorers will confirm my description of
the Underground City of Tibet."

"Tibet did not become more open, instead, the Tibet of that time with
its religious culture disappeared altogether. Saddest of all was the
deliberate Chinese destruction of this strange religious order which
fascinated so many and which had kept Tibet at peace for centuries.
The brutal Chinese suppression of religion in that country is one of
the darker events of this century. I also can't help but wonder what
happened to Mr Illion during World War II for one never hears of him

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A continuation of the above from Lamprecht's book.

Illion, therefore, does not place any credence in an Underground Empire which has millions of inhabitants. But it does, however, demonstrate that back in the 1930s there was talk among the “well-informed” of Tibet about the existence of an Underground Empire “inhabited by millions”.

Illiion’s City of Initiates, as he prefers to call it was really nothing special. He does not mention its exact location but does mention passing through one of side valleys of the Sangpo Valley on his way there. He says it was located 20 miles from the nearest village. It was located at a place where the valley widened to approximately 400 yards across.

It can be likened to a sub-surface apartment building. It consisted of seven underground buildings arranged in a circle around a central hole – like a bore hole. At the top of each building there was a staircase which went down into it. And at the top were thick sheets of glass through which sunlight streamed. The rectangular patches at the top measured 40 yards by 40 yards. The buildings could easily be camouflaged if necessary. The railings and entrances could be hidden and sand could be strewn across the top of the glass.

The buildings were several stories deep. How this thing could have been carved out of rock is a puzzle. Perhaps it is of ancient origin? The strangest part of the complex, without a doubt, was the central shaft. Its incredible depth was a mystery. At one point, Illion mentioned it to his rich Tibetan friend, Narbu, that the shaft was very deep. Narbu replied “It is immeasurably deep, and no one but the Prince of light and a few of the highest initiates … know where it leads to. Anyone who finds out what it leads to and what it is used for would have to die … There are such secrets.” The Prince of Light was the cult’s leader, and Illion came to dislike him greatly. Illion could offer no further insight or guesses as to the function of this shaft.

[Comments by Dean: If there is a Prince of any type in this seven story, circular apartment building area, so near the surface; then the suggestion is that there is a king somewhere. Since the king didn’t/doesn’t live above the ground, and because there were no sideways structures (Illion lived in the city for quite a while), and since there was a downward shaft of immeasurable depth, then we have to assume that the kind lived further down. And kings don’t exist in isolation, and nobody is the “king” of a tiny community; so we must conclude that there is a sizeable population further down where the king is stationed. And we must assume that there is space for the manufacture of glass because the roofs of the apartment buildings are covered with glass. Glass is made from sand, soda ash and limestone, so those elements must be available down there, which also implies a rather large area. Such glass could not have been brought in to such an inaccessible place]

Illion decided to flee when he accidently, I should emphasize that there was no talk of this “city” being linked to Agartha. Illion believed that this was Agartha even though the Tibetans claimed that. [Comment by Dean: If Agartha were a larger area with a large population further down, then nbody in the circular, seven story apartment buildings would mention that “Oh yes, this is Agartha”.] Narbu has referred to this as the “City of Initiates”. The “Prince of Light” never claimed to be “The King of the World”. It was Illion who claimed that perhaps this was Agharta.

Illion decided to flee when he accidently stumbled into the “kitchen” and saw them cutting bit of flesh off a corpse and cooking it. He had seen many human skeletal remains and had come to suspect that there was cannibalism going on there. When he saw the corpse being cut up he decided to leave with the greatest haste. It should be pointed out that Tibetan monks do not eat meat, and this cannibalism is definitely an aberration by their standards. The cult derived its power and finances from a number of rich Tibetans who were caught up in it. [How would Illion know that? And what if he was told that so that he would be thrown off course? What if the ultimate support for the circular apartment buildings settlement was from further down?]

It is Illion’s confirmation that there really was talk of a vast, Underground Empire of millions of inhabitants which is of interest to us. This talk had enough substance for Illion to believe it was a physical place.

Nicolas Roerich, who was a very famous cultural figure in his time, also confirms what Illion says. …

… In one of his books, Shambhalla, Roerich discusses the concept of subterranean dwellers. Roerich writes: “In every city, in every encampment in Asia, I tried to discover what memories were being cherished in the folk memories. Through these guarded and preserved tales one can recognize the reality of the past. In every spark of folklore, there is a drop of the great Truth adorned or distorted. Not long ago, we were too vain to appreciate these treasures of folklore. “

He continues: “Among innumerable legends and fairy tales of various countries may be found the tales of lost tribes or subterranean dwellers. In wide and diverse directions, people are speaking of the identical facts. But in correlating them you can readily see that these are but facts of one story. At first it seems impossible that there should exist any scientific connections between these distorted whispers under the light of the desert bonfires. But afterwards, one begins to grasp the peculiar coincidence in these manifold legends related by peoples who are even ignorant of each other’s names”.

“You recognize the same relationship in the folklores of Tibet, Mongolia, China, Turkestan, Kashmir, Persia, Altai, Siberia, the Ural, Caucasia, the Russian Steppes, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France …”

Of Agharta he writes: “In many places of Central Asia, they speak of the Agharti, the subterranean people …”

List members, I’ll stop here, but I think you all get the point.

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Here is a chapter from the book The Hollow Earth, by Dr. Raymond Bernard. The chapter is on the subterranean below Tibet. A couple of belifs might be off the wall, but check it out.

I'll try to upload the book in a minute or two. Cheers!


Subterranean Cities
We have indicated previously that the subterranean cities of Agharta were constructed by Atlanteans as
refugees from the radioactive fallout produced by the nuclear war they fought, and also referred to
Huguenin's theory that flying saucers were Atlantean aircraft which were brought to the Subterranean
World prior to the occurrence of the catastrophe that sank Atlantis. The abandonment of their former
home on top of the four-sided sacred mountain in the center of Atlantis (Mount Olympus or Meru, later
memorialized by the four-sided, truncated pyramids of Egypt and Mexico) and their skyward journey over
the Rainbow Bridge of the Aurora Borealis, through the polar opening, to the new home in Walhalla, the
golden palaces of the city of Shamballah, capital of Agharta, the Subterranean World.
This migration of the Atlantean god-rulers to the Subterranean World, prior to the destruction of Atlantis,
was referred to in Teutonic mythology as the "Gotterdamerung" or Twilight of the Gods. They made the
journey in flying saucers, which were Atlantean aircraft.
Whereas, in the days of Atlantis, flying saucers flew in the Earth's outer atmosphere, after they entered
the Subterranean World they continued to fly in its internal atmosphere in its hollow interior. After the
Hiroshima atomic explosion in 1945 they rose again to the surface in numbers, seeking to avert a nuclear
catastrophe. The tragedy that befell Atlantis was due to its scientific development running ahead of its
moral development, resulting in a nuclear war, which heated the atmosphere, melted polar ice caps and
brought on a terrific deluge that submerged the continent. A group of survivors, led by Noah, found refuge
in the highlands of Brazil (then an Atlantean colony), where they constructed subterranean cities,
connected by tunnels to the surface, to prevent destruction by radioactive fallout and flood.
According to Plato's account, Atlantis was submerged by a series of inundations which came to a climax
about 11,500 years ago. Some four million inhabitants lost their lives. Those who were more spiritual and
were forewarned escaped in time to Brazil, where, it is claimed, they or their descendants still live in
subterranean cities.
In this connection it is interesting to refer to Jules Verne's book, "A JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE
EARTH," which presents a similar conception of the earth's formation as did Gardner's book by a similar
name. Verne describes a party of explorers who entered a volcanic shaft, and after traveling for months,
finally came to the hollow center of the earth, a new world with its own sun to illuminate it, oceans, land
and even cities of Atlantean origin. Verne believed that prior to the destruction of Atlantis, some of the
Atlanteans escaped and established subterranean cities in the earth's hollow center. Since most of
Verne's predictions were later verified, it is possible that this one also will be - but not by entering a
volcanic shaft, but by an aerial expedition through the polar openings into the hollow interior of the earth.
One of the early German settlers in Santa Catarina, Brazil, wrote and published a book in old German,
dealing with the Subterranean World, deriving his information from the Indians. The book described the
Earth as being hollow, with a sun in its center. The interior of the earth was said to be inhabited by a
disease-free, long-lived race of fruitarians. This Subterranean World, the book claimed, was connected by
tunnels with the surface, and these tunnels, it was claimed, open mostly in Santa Catarina and
surrounding parts of South Brazil.
The author has devoted nearly six years to investigations to study the mysterious tunnels which
honeycomb Santa Catarina, obviously built by an ancient race to reach subterranean cities. Research is
still in progress...
The Russian explorer, Ferdinand Ossendowski, author of "Beasts, Men and Gods," claims that the
tunnels which encircle the earth and which pass under the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, were built by men
of a pre-glacial Hyperborean civilization which flourished in the polar region at a time when its climate was
still tropical, a race of supermen possessing scientific powers of a superior order, and marvelous
inventions, including tunnel-boring machines we know nothing about, by means of which they
honeycombed the earth with tunnels. We shall now quote from Ossendowski's remarkable book relating
his own experiences in Mongolia; where belief in the existence of a Subterranean World of Agharta, ruled
by the King of the World, who resides in his holy city of Shamballah, is universal. Ossendowski writes:
"Stop' said my Mongol guide, when we crossed the plateau of Tzagan Luk, Stop.'
"His camel bowed down without the need of him ordering it. The Mongol raised his hands in a
gesture of adoration and repeated the sacred phrase: "OM MANI PADME HUM "
"The other Mongols immediately stopped their camels and began to pray.
"What happened?' I wondered, bringing my camel to a halt. "The Mongols prayed for some moments, then mounted their camels and rode on. "Look;' said the Mongol to me, how the camels move their ears with terror, how the manes of the horses remain immobile and alert and how the camels and cattle bow down to the ground. Note how the birds stop flying or the dogs barking. The air vibrates sweetly and one hears a song that penetrates to the hearts of all men, animals and birds. All living beings, seized with fear, prostrate themselves. For the King of the World, in his subterranean palace, is prophesying the future of the peoples of all the earth.' "Thus spoke the old Mongol. "Mongolia, with its terrible mountains and limitless plateaus was born a mystery which was preserved by the red and yellow lamas. The rulers of Lhasa and Ourga guarded this science and possessed these mysteries. It was during my trip to Central Asia that I heard for the first time this Mystery of Mysteries, to which I formerly paid no attention, but only did later, when I was able to analyze it and compare certain testimonies frequently subjected to controversy. The old men on the border of Amyil told me an old legend, according to which a Mongolian tribe, seeking to escape from Genghis Khan, hid in a subterranean land. Later, near Nogan Lake, I was shown by Soyota a door which served as the entrance to the kingdom of Agharta. "It was through this door that a hunter entered into this region and, after he returned told of his visit. The lamas cut off his tongue to prevent him from speaking about the Mystery of Mysteries. In his old age, he returned to the entrance of the cavern and disappeared into the Subterranean World, which memory always brought emotion to the nomad. "I obtained more detailed information from Houtouktou Jelyl Djamsrap de Narabanch Kure. He told me the history of the arrival of the all-powerful King of the World to the door of exit of the Subterranean World, his appearance, his miracles and prophecies. I then commenced to understand this legend, this hypothesis, this collective vision, which, no matter how we interpret it, conceals not only a mystery but a real force which governs and influences the course of the political life of Asia. From that moment, I commenced my investigations. The lama Gelong, favorite of Prince Choultoun Beyli, gave me a description of the Subterranean World. "More than six thousand years ago, he said, a holy man disappeared into the earth accompanied by a tribe of people and never returned to its surface. This inner world was also visited by various other men, as Cakya-Muni, Undur-Ghengen Paspa, Baber and others. No one knows where they found the entrance. Some say it was in Afghanistan, others say it was in India. "All inhabitants of this region are protected against evil, and no crime exists within its boundaries. Science developed tranquilly, uninterrupted by war and free from the spirit of destruction. Consequently the subterranean people were able to achieve a much higher degree of wisdom. They compose a vast empire with millions of inhabitants governed by the King of the World. He masters all the forces of nature, can read what is within the souls of all, and in the great book of destiny. Invisibly he rules over eight hundred million human beings, all willing to execute his orders. "All the subterranean passages in the entire world lead to the World of Agharta. The lamas say that all the subterranean cavities in America are inhabited by this people. The inhabitants of submerged prehistoric continents (Lemuria and Atlantis) found refuge and continued to live in the Subterranean World. "The lama Turgut, who made the trip from Ourga to Pekin with me, gave me further details: The capital of Agharta (Shamballah) is surrounded by villas where live the Holy Sages. It reminds one of Lhasa, where the temple of the Dalai Lama rises on top of a mountain surrounded by temples and monasteries. His palace is surrounded by the palaces of the Gurus, who control the visible and invisible forces of the earth, from its interior to the sky, and are lords of life and death. If our crazy humanity will continue its wars, they may come to the surface and transform it into a desert. They can dry the oceans, transform continents into seas and cause the disappearance of mountains. In strange vehicles, unknown above, they travel at unbelievable speed through tunnels inside the earth. The lamas found vestiges of these men in all parts and in inscriptions on rocks; and saw remains of the wheels of their vehicles. "When I asked him to tell me how many persons visited Agharta, the lama answered: A great
number, but most of those who were there maintain the secret as long as they live. When the
Olets destroyed Lhasa, one of their regiments, in the mountains of the southwest, reached the
limits of Agharta and were then instructed in mysterious sciences, for which reason the Olets and
Talmuts became prophets. Certain black tribes of the east also entered Agharta and continued to
live there for centuries. Later they were expulsed from the Subterranean World and returned to
live on the surface of the earth, bringing with them knowledge of the mystery of prophecy by
means of cards and reading the lines of the hand. (They were the ancestors of the gypsies.) In a
certain region in the north of Asia there exists a tribe which is on the verge of disappearing and
which frequents the caverns of Agharta. Its members can invoke the spirits of dead which live in
"The lama then remained silent some time and then, responding to my thoughts, continued: In Agharta, the sages write on stone tablets all the sciences of our planet and of other worlds. The Chinese Buddhist sages know that well. Their science is the most advanced and purest. In each century the sages of China united in a secret place near the sea and on the backs of a hundred large turtles that come out of the ocean they write the conclusions of the divine science of their century.' "This brings to my mind a story that was related to me by an old Chinese attendant in the Temple of Heaven in Pekin. He told me that turtles live for three thousand years without air or food and for this reason all the columns of the blue Temple of Heaven rest on the backs of living turtles, so that wooden supports would not rot. "Many times did the rulers of Ourga and Lhasa send ambassadors to the King of the World, said the lama librarian, but they could not reach him. However, a Tibetan chief, after a battle with the Olets, came to a cavern whose opening bore the following inscription: "THIS DOOR LEADS TO
"From the cavern left a man of beautiful appearance, who presented to him a Golden tablet
bearing strange inscriptions, saying:
"`The King of the World will appear to all men when comes the time of the war of the good
against the evil; but this time has not yet come. The worst members of the human race have yet
to be born.'
"Chang Chum Ungern sent young Prince Pounzig as an ambassador to the King of the World.
The ambassador returned with a letter for the Dalai Lama of Lhasa. He wished to send him a
second time but the young ambassador never returned."
From the evidence contained in this book, confirmed by many Arctic explorers whom we cite, we come to
the following conclusions:

  1. There is really no North or South Pole. Where they are supposed to exist there are really wide
    openings to the hollow interior of the Earth.
  2. Flying saucers come from the hollow interior of the Earth through these polar openings.
  3. The hollow interior of the earth, warmed by its central sun (the source of Aurora Borealis) has an ideal
    subtropical climate of about 76 degrees in temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.
  4. Arctic explorers found the temperature to rise as they traveled far north; they found more open seas;
    they found animals traveling north in winter, seeking food and warmth, when they should have gone
    south; they found the compass needle to assume a vertical position instead of a horizontal one and to
    become extremely eccentric; they saw tropical birds and more animal life the further north they went; they
    saw butterflies, mosquitoes and other insects in the extreme north, when they were not found until one is
    as far south as Alaska and Canada; they found the snow discolored by colored pollen and black dust,
    which became worse the further north they went. The only explanation is that this dust came from active
    volcanoes in the polar opening.
  5. There is a large population inhabiting the inner concave surface of the Earth's crust, composing a
    civilization far in advance of our own in its scientific achievements, which probably descended from the
    sunken continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. Flying saucers are only one of their many achievements. It
    would be to our advantage to contact these Elder Brothers of the human race, learn from them and
    receive their advice and aid.
  6. The existence of a polar opening and land beyond the Poles is probably known to the U.S. Navy in
    whose employ Admiral Byrd made his two historic flights and which is probably a top international secret.
    UFO'S or FLYING SAUCERS in Ancient Times.... .
    Did Super Beings From Space Ever Visit Earth? Classical Writers Reported So.
    Each Age interprets unusual events in the language of its own experience, whether it be Ezekiel
    describing sky objects in the symbology of angels and precious jewels, or Monk Lawrence in A.D. 776
    marveling at flaming shields from heaven spitting fire at the Saxons besieging Sigiburg, or modern men
    speculating the Unidentified Flying Objects are of extra-terrestrial origin.
    Now that astronomers blazon the belief that life exists throughout the universe, speculation naturally
    exists that spacemen could have landed on Earth in ages past.
    Is there evidence?
    For more than 2,000 years it was recorded by nearly all the greatest intellects of Greece and Rome
    although most of the records of antiquity have been destroyed, in the surviving Classics there is ample
    evidence of UFO's and probable extra-terrestrial intervention.
    Our theologians dismiss the ancient Gods as anthropomorphisms of natural forces, as if entire races for
    hundreds of years would base their daily lives on lightning and thunderbolts. Yet logic suggests that the
    old Gods of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Scandinavia and Mexico were not disembodied Spirits or
    anthropomorphic symbolisms but actual spacemen from the skies. It seems that after the great
    catastrophes remembered in legends. the "Gods" withdrew and henceforth have been content merely to
    survey the Earth, except for an occasional intervention in human affairs.
    Apollodorus wrote, "Sky was the first who ruled over the whole world," surely signifying domination by
    space beings. The Roman Emperor Julian vowed, "We must believe that on this world... certain Gods
    Aeschylus, Euripides, Aristophanes, Plautus and Menander frequently introduced a "Deus ex Machine" (a
    God from a Machine) to untangle the plots of their plays.
    Aristotle, Plato, Pliny, Lucretius and most other philosophers believed that the Gods were supermen living
    in the realms above.
    A century ago a German grocer Heinrich Schliemann, using the Iliad as a guide, defied the ridicule of the
    professors and dug up Troy. Can we dig up records of spaceships in other classics?
    Following are some examples from the works of ancient writers, scrutinized for UFO references:
    B.C. 498 Visitations "... Castor and Pollux were seen fighting in our army on horseback... Nor do we
    forget that when the Locrians defeated the people of Crotona in a battle on the banks of the river Sagra, it
    was known the same day at the Olympian Games. The voices of the Fauns have been heard and deities
    have appeared in forms so visible that they have compelled everyone who is not senseless or hardened
    to impiety to confess the presence of the Gods." - Cicero, Of the nature of the Gods, Book I, Ch. 2
    B.C. 325: Visitations "There in the stillness of the night both consuls are said to have been visited by the
    same apparition, a man of greater than human stature, and more majestic, who declared that the
    commander of one side and the army of the other must be offered up to the Manes and to Mother Earth."
  • Livy, History, Book VIII, Ch. 11
    B.C. 223: Bright Light, Three Moons "At Ariminium a bright light like the day blazed out at night; in many
    portions of Italy three moons became visible in the night time." - Dio Cassius, Roman History, Book I
    B.C. 222: Three Moons "Also three moons have appeared at once, for instance, in the consulship of
    Gnaeus Domitius and Gaius Fannius." - Pliny, Natural History, Book II, Ch. 32
    B.C. 218: The Sky Is Filled "In Amiterno district in many places were seen the appearance of men in
    white garments from far away. The orb of the sun grew smaller. At Praeneste glowing lamps from heaven.
    At Arpi a shield in the sky. The moon contended with the sun and during the night two moons were seen.
    Phantom ships appeared in the sky." - Livy, History, Books XXI-XXII
    B.C. 217: Fissure in the Sky "At Faleri the sky had seemed to be rent as it were with a great fissure and
    through the opening a bright light had shone." - Livy, History, Book XXII, Ch. 1
    B.C. 214: Men and Altar "At Hadria an altar was seen in the sky and about it the forms of men in white
    clothes." - Julius Obsequens, Prodigiorum Libellus, Ch. 66
    B.C. 163 : An Extra Sun "In the consulship of Tiberius Gracchus and Manius Juventus at Capua the sun
    was seen by night. At Formice two suns were seen by day. The sky was afire. In Cephallenia a trumpet
    seemed to sound from the sky. There was a rain of earth. A windstorm demolished houses and laid crops
    flat in the field. By night an apparent sun shone at Pisaurum." - Obsequens, Prodigiorum, Ch 114
    B.C. 122: Three Suns, Three Moons "In Gaul three suns and three moons were seen." - Obsequens,
    Prodigiorum, Ch. 114
    B.C. 81: Gold Fireball "Near Spoletium a gold-colored fireball rolled down to the ground, increased in size;
    seemed to move off the ground toward the east and was big enough to blot out the sun." - Obsequens,
    Prodigiorum, Ch. 114
    B.C. 85: Burning Shield, Sparks "In the consulship of Lucius Valerius and Caius Marius a burning shield
    scattering sparks ran across the sky. " - Pliny, Natural History, Book II, Ch. 34
    B.C. 66: From Spark to Torch "In the consulship of Gnaeus Octavius and Gaius Suetonius a spark was
    seen to fall from a star and increase in size as it approached the earth. After becoming as large as the
    moon it diffused a sort of cloudy daylight and then returning to the sky changed into a torch. This is the
    only record of its occurrence. It was seen by the proconsul Silenus and his suite. " - Pliny, Natural History,
    Book II, Ch. 35
    B.C. 48: Thunderbolts, Visitations "Thunderbolts had fallen upon Pompey's camp. A fire had appeared in
    the air over Caesar's camp and had fallen upon Pompey's ... In Syria two young men announced the
    result of the battle (in Thessaly) and vanished." - Dio Cassius, Roman History, Book IV
    B.C. 42: Night Light, Three Suns "In Rome light shone so brightly at nightfall that people got up to begin
    work as though day had dawned. At Murtino three suns were seen about the third hour of the day, which
    presently drew together in a single orb." - Obsequens, Prodigiorum, Ch. 130
    B.C.?: Suns, Moons, Globes "How often has our Senate enjoined the decemvirs to consult the books of
    the Sibyl: For instance, when two suns had been seen or when three moons had appeared and when
    flames of fire were noticed in the sky; or on that other occasion when the sun was beheld in the night,
    when noises were heard in the sky, and the heaven itself seemed to burst open, and strange globes were
    remarked in it." - Cicero, On Divination, Book I, Ch. 43
    A.D. 70: Chariots in the Sky "On the 2lst of May a demonic phantom of incredible size... For before sunset
    there appeared in the air over the whole country chariots and armed troops coursing through the clouds
    and surrounding the cities." - Josephus, Jewish War, Book CXI
    A.D. 193: Three New Stars "Three stars ... suddenly came into view surrounding the sun, when Emperor
    Julianus in our presence was offering the Sacrifice of Entrance in front of the Senate House. These stars
    were so very distinct that the soldiers kept continually looking at them and pointing them out to another . .
    . " - Dio Cassius, Roman History, Book LXXIV
    A.D. 217: Visitation "In Rome, moreover, a Spirit' having the appearance of a man led an ass up to the Capitol and afterwards to the palace seeking its master as he claimed and stating that Antoninus was dead and Jupiter was now Emperor. Upon being arrested for this and sent by Matermainus to Antoninus he said, I go as you bid but I shall face not this emperor but another.' And when he reached Capua he
    vanished. " - Dio Cassius, Roman History
    The above references are only a sampling of the evidence available. Consider just four writers: Julius
    Obsequens recorded 63 celestial phenomena; Livy, 30; Pliny, 26; Dio Cassius, 14; Cicero, 9.
    Romans fervently believed that two strange horsemen, taller than normal men, alike in age, height and
    beauty, saved the day for Posthumus at Lake Regillus and, that same day, miraculously appeared in the
    Forum, announced the victory, and departed forever.
    A contemporary historian described two shiny shields spitting fire around the rims, diving repeatedly at
    the columns of Alexander the Great in India, stamping horses and elephants, and then returning to the
    When we recall that Romulus was borne to heaven by a whirlwind while giving judgment on the Palatine
    Hill, that his successor Numa Pomilius, used magic weapons, that Livy, Pliny the Elder, and Julius
    Obsequens tell of mysterious voices, celestial trumpets, men in white garments hovering in airships,
    several suns and moons together, sudden new stars, and superhuman apparitions descending among
    men and then vanishing, we suddenly feel we are reading the wonders of the Bible.
    By some strange twist of the human mind, we worship prodigies in old Palestine as manifestations of the
    Lord, yet scoff at identical phenomena occurring at the same time only a few hundred miles away.
    Evidence exists; all we need to do is examine it.
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The Hollow Earth won't upload to the list, but it seems that you can downoad it here:


List Members,

Here is a statement from the end of Page 226 of the book The Hollow Earth, by Dr. Raymond Bernard. (Pen name)

"All the subterranean passages in the entire world lead to the World of Agharta. The lamas say
that all the subterranean cavities in America are inhabited by this people. The inhabitants of
submerged prehistoric continents (Lemuria and Atlantis) found refuge and continued to live in the
Subterranean World."

This information came from Tibet by way of Ossendowski. I used to think it was Tibetan granny wisdom; now I don't.

For example, I came across some rather good information and rationale from the David Hatcher Childress book on Atlantis, to the effect that Atlantis existed across the Sahara, which was once the Triton Sea, and that there are subterranean worlds below the Haggar Mountains (S. E. Algiers) and the Atlas Mountains. So when I read this information that Ossendowski had passed down from Tibet, mentioning that all roads lead to Rome - I mean, all tunnels lead to Agharta - and how Atlantis was even mentioned by name; well it really rang my clock.

You know, when Genghiz Kahn had that fratricidal dispute with his brothers over the post of Head Chieftan of the Mongols, supposedly, when the ones who got the worst of it left, they were 20,000 horsemen, and they got on rafts and floated down through China to some Pacific port and traveled to North America, ended up on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, might have wiped out an Asian settlement in Michigan somewhere, went back to the Rockies, traveled down to New Mexico and wiped out some indian settlement, then got almost wiped out themselves by a tribe of Tibetans, and finally straggled into Mexico where they hooked up with other Mongolians who already lived there. Most of this comes from the David Hatcher Childress book Lost Cities of North America.

And it is all fine with me, because I am like the Red Queen in Through the Looking Glass when she told Alice that, when she was younger, she sometimes believed in as many as six unbelieveable things by the time breakfast came around. I am just liike that.

Except I don't believe that part about transporting 20,000 horses, for 20,000 horsemen, across the Pacific Ocean back in the 1200s, plus a few for their wives and kids. It seems like that would have been a real feat and that there would be some historical mention about something like that.

And then from Tibet we read about underground tunnels from all over the world connecting with underworld Tibet, i.e., Agartha. And when we take into consideration that northern Mexicans were Mongolians, that the Adobe Indians were Tibetan, and the Seattle Indians, too, and that the Sioux are genetically Asian, well ... I'd bet on getting the 20,000 horsemen and families across the Pacific Ocean from China through tunnel systems to the eastern side of the Rockies by fast rail or some exotic tecnology, before I would bet on the Mongolians just happening upon 20,000 rafts by chance, while they were still on the run, and that when they ran for their lives on nothing but horseback, that they all carryied enough money with them to pay the Chinese to engage in some grandiose shipping project to get them and their horses across the Pacific Ocean.

Now THAT'S a fairy tale! Don't worry about Alice in Wonderland.

That Tibetan information might just be the better bet.


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Here is a piece of conversation between Nicholas Roerich and a lama in Tibet, from Page 389 - 390 of Jan Lamprecht's book, Hollow Planets.

"The lama continues: "Shammballa knows all. But the secrets of shambhalla are well guarded".

[Roerich] "Lama, how are the secrets of Shamballa guarded"? It is said that many co-workers of Shamballa many messengers, are speeding through the world. How can they preserve secrets entrusted to them"?

[Lama] "The great keepers of mysteries are watching closely all to whom they have entrusted their work and given high missions. If an unexpected evil confronts them, they are helped immediately".

[Narration] Roerich told the lama tales of people coming out of the subterranian tunnels with strange old coins. The lama replied:

"Verily, verily, the people of Shamballa at times emerge onto the world. They meet the earthlly co-workers of Shamballa. For the sake of humanity, they send out precious gifts, remarkable relics. I can tell you many stories of how wonderful gifts were received [in this way]. Even Rigden Jyepo himself appears at times in a human body. Suddenly, he shows himself in holy places, at monasteries and, at a time predestined, pronounces prophecies".


First of all, it is nice that the lama gives valuable relics as gifts, and is humanist, and pronounces profecies; but he doesn't tell about devlopíng a personal relationship with God, or becoming a selfless instrument of God's will. This is typical of Buddhism. Buddhism teaches nihilism, that al is nil, nothing, zero. "God is the sound of one hand clapping". It is not my cup of tea.

Anyway, the lama reveals that there are spies [my word] running around on the surface of the world, doing the bidding of this underground world below Tibet.

And notice that China took Tibet, a worthless, barren and frigid desert, away from India in 1962, and has built highways up there and strong military installations. Are the Chinese protecting the "nerve center" of thier civilization?

Are their spies more than spies? Are they front men, lackeys [] for this subterranean, oriental Buddhist civilization which is undermining our modern, western civilzation? The brand of communism being spread around the world at the moment, in a beguiling manner, is of the Chinese variety; examples are The Shining Path Guerilla mvement in Peru, and the socialism being proposed in the USA is said to have Chinese aspects to it.

In the first posting of this thread, we read about how there are tunnels from underground Tibet to all points in the world. And Tibetans were very much represented among the indian tribes of the western half of North America. The Adobe Indians were frank, out-and-out Tibetans. The Seattle and Sioux were/are Asians.

Could it be that they have been a conduit from underground worlds originating with the underground world below Tibet? And that underground worlds below the USA have been engaged in the manipulation of the surface population?

Enough for now.

Chill, and have a good-natured laugh.


List Members,

What I was trying to do above was connect some dots and show some evidence in favor of the idea that our surface world is much manipulated by subterranean worlds.

I think that, at this point, I'll implore everyone, once again, to purchase Mike Mott's book Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures, available online through Lulu Books. He gives many examples of those worlds, their creature-inhabitants, and the type of activities that they subject us to, beginning with abductions.


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I meant to send this out quite a while back, but I don't remember if I did. In case I didn't, I'll take advantage of the recent Tibetan themes and send it out right now.



The collective Tibetan memory conserves, or conserved, the remenants of ancient understandings of the underground worlds of Tibet. Just remenants, mind you!

Ossendowski's book, of beasts and men, contains the following interesting comment.



"In underground caves there exists a peculiar light which affords
growth to the grains and vegetables and long life without disease to
the people."

Mostly we hear of a greenish light, as in the case of the Green Children of Wolfpitt:

But what this means is that they are so self-sufficient down there, that they engage in their own agriculture. Tibet is so barren that there is no food to send down.


From the Brinsley Le Poer Trench book, page 61:

(Lest we forget!)

�Among the Mongolian tribes of inner Mongolia, even today, there are
traditions about tunnels and subterranean worlds which sound as fantastic as
anything in modern novels. One legend, if it be that, says that the tunnels
lead to a subterranean world of antidiluvian descent somewhere in a recess
of Afghanisthan, or in the region of the Hindu Kush ��

�It is even given the name Agharti. The legend adds that a labyrinth of
tunnels and underground passages is extended in a series of links connecting
Agharti with all other such underground worlds! � The subterranean world, it
is said, is lit by a strange green luminescence which favors the growth of
crops and conduces to length of days and health.�

�This last account is of special interest because Kolsimorefers to this
green flourescence in another part of the world. He writes in Timeless Earth
about a strange �bottomless pit� in Azerbaijan in the Soviet Union.
Apparently, a bluish light comes from its wall and odd nioses are heard.
Eventually, after investigating and exploring, scientists found a whole
system of tunnels connecting with other ones in Georgia and all over the

And speaking of bluish and greenish luminescence:

The Green Children of Wolfpitte:


The Russian explorer, Ferdinand Ossendowski, in his book "Beasts, Men and Gods", wrote:

“ The old men on the border of Amyil told me an old legend, according to which a Mongolian tribe, seeking to escape from Genghis Khan, hid in a subterranean land.”

"All the subterranean passages in the entire world lead to the World of Agharta. The lamas say that all the subterranean cavities in America are inhabited by this people.”

Now read this snippet from Pages 185 – 186 of the David Hatcher Childress book: Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of the Ancient Southwest:

“Kingley Craig, a historical researcher and epigrapher from Chicago working with the Epigraphic Society, formulated a theory using Hibben’s information on the Gallina battle and Stewart’s book on the Dene and Na-Dene migrations. He said that the mound builders of the midhwest and the ancient mound builders of the southwest were destroyed at approximately the same time, about 1250 AD, by a roving army of 20,000 Mongol horsemen men and women who, in the years around 1233 AD, had escaped from the ruling Khans in Mongolia and had traveled in a mass migration from Canada and then down into the Midwest. … .”

To make a long story short, Hatcher goes on to tell about the battles these Mongols had with the “Indians” already in North America and, specifically, about how they were attacked by Pueblo Indians, whom he suggests were Tibetans, in what is know today as Gallina, New Mexico.

Quite a while back, I had read one theory that these Mongols might have escaped to China, gotten n rafts and floated down to a Chinese port and crossed over the North America, then to the Midwest, and started their war mongering. This is rather preposterous.

But, supposedly, all tunnels lead to Agharta, and those tunnels specifically link with North America. And to make a long story short again, the Dene and Na-Dene received the name “Apache” which, in their language, simply means “enemy”.

I have connected the dots in my way and I think I know how the Mongols arrived at North America.