A Comprehensive, Hollow Earth, Geological Model Based on Cater

A Comprehensive, Hollow-Earth Geological Model
A geological model of the hollow earth, encompassing such processes as earthquakes, volcanoes, gravity, continental drift (plate tectonics), the inner sun, as well as wind patterns, is very important for the Hollow Earth Theory. Modern science fields a solid-planet geological model, although it doesn't seem to be extremely congruent.

For example, the case for super rotation in relation to the Earth’s inner core is weak. Whatever the inner core consists of, given millions of years, its rate of rotation should catch up with the rest of the planet, especially since the interior of the strata which surrounds the core shows peaks and valleys in seismographs. The magnetosphere is supposed to be generated by a dynamo effect caused by the difference in the rate of movement between the core and the surrounding strata, but how such a magnetic field penetrates the Earth’s shell and extends into outer space is not clear. The magnetosphere would have to penetrate through a heated strata, the athenosphere, which is characterized by such intense heat that its rock layers are plastic. Even a lesser amount of heat kills magnetic properties ( the Curie Point ), such that passage by a magnetic field through the athenosphere is impossible. Joseph H. Cater comments on this incongruency in his book The Ultimate Reality, on page 163: “ Scientists are somewhat vague as to how a magnetic field could extend 2,000 miles beyond an electric current. It requires a very powerful current to produce even relatively weak magnetic effects a very short distance above the flow. The electrical resistance of iron, at the alleged temperatures of the core, would be staggering. A steady flow of electricity requires constant potential differences. How are such potential differences produced and maintained in this hypothetical core?
The magnitude, width, and depth of such currents would have to be unbelievable to extend the magnetic field even a small fraction of the distance required, and the EMF required to produce it would be even more incredible. Where could such an EMF come from? So far, scientists seem reluctant to explain this, especially since these currents are confined to a ball and would therefore follow closed paths.”

The incongruency is compounded by the fact that the athenosphere is characterized by deep-focus earthquakes, which is contradictory because earthquakes need brittle strata for the snap to occur- is this strata plastic and heated, or brittle? The athenosphere has to be hot and plastic for the strata to support the subduction process which forms part of the solid-planet model of how continental drift takes place. But the strata would have to be brittle for deep focus quakes to occur. Incongruencies abound in the solid planet model, and the idea of needing further research seems to be an understatement.

The solid-planet model certainly does not enjoy a lock on theories in relation to our planets configuration- modern geology has no absolute platform in this regard. One exacerbating cause of these contradictions is the fact that geology does not enjoy direct perception of its object of study, i.e., nobody has been hundreds of miles down through the shell of the Earth. This situation is different from other scientific disciplines which do enjoy much direct perception. For example, a biologist can observe microbes in a microscope, an astronomer can observe the heavens through a telescope, et cetera. Even the seismographs, which are the main source of evidence of the Earth's inner configuration, have to be interpreted, and such interpretations are based on yet other unproven interpretations, stretching back to, of the Cavendish experiments.

However, a tenable hollow-earth, geological model has been presented by Joseph H. Cater, in his book The Awesome Life Force (copyrighted in 1982), recently re-written as The Ultimate Reality. Throughout the book, the type of alternative physics necessary to support his hollow-planet model unfolds as well.
By "alternative physics" is meant the physics of soft particles: " The recognized electrons and protons are made of photons of light in the ultrahigh frequency range of the gamma rays. It follows from this concept that electrons, comprised of light in all frequency ranges below the gamma rays must also exist in the physical realm. ... Particles comprised of light in the lower frequency ranges will henceforth be referred to as soft particles , while those associated with gamma rays and above wil be known as hard particles." ( P - 62, The Awesome Life Force )

Mr. Cater's law of redistribution of energy outlines how sunlight experiences a redistribution of frequency (lower) as it passes through the Earth’s shell. This concept is important because it is from within the Earth that the bulk of these soft particles are generated- soft particles which play a role in the illumination of cavern worlds, in the causation of gravity effects, and which help to bring about geological processes such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and continental drift. Mr. Cater even describes how these soft particles penetrate through the shell of the Earth, only to be repelled by the gravitational field of the inner surface towards the center of the hollow cavity, where they congregate and form the inner sun. The soft particles are invisible as they stream out through the polar openings until they begin to disintegrate into their constituent photon particles.

” A penetrating look at the law of redistribution of energy is now in order. Briefly, it states that when light interacts with matter, NEW LIGHT RESULTS WITH A LOWER AVERAGE FREQUENCY ( my emphasis ) than the original light. One of the simplest demonstrations of this law is done with the use of light filters. For example a light beam in the blue or violet end of the visible spectrum, after passing through a series of filters, regardless of the type, will always emerge from the last one as red light, providing a sufficient number [ of filters ] are used. These filters could be all blue, violet or any other combination.” (Chapter Thirteen of The Ultimate Reality)

How does the redistribution come about?

”Great fluctuations occur in the velocity of electrons in their orbits when materials are subjected to high temperatures. This, in turn, creates interactions and interference effects between electrons moving in opposite directions inside atoms and between electrons in adjacent atoms. These interactions generate changes in the electrostatic field effects of the electrons, which will cause regular and distinct changes in their orbits. This is because the charge on the electron varies with its velocity. Abrupt changes in a particle disrupts the ethers which, in turn, results in the formation of photons.” (Page 182)

”When a photon is created by the above process, the ethers in the vicinity are suddenly compressed. Some of the ether particles are forced close enough together to adhere to each other. This aggregate becomes a photon." In Mr. Cater's model, photons go on to form the fundamental particles of matter, including the soft particles/electrons.

The redistribution of frequency plays an important role in the phenomenon of gravity. The actual nature of gravity is very deterministic in regards to whether or not a geological model is viable. The Newtonian model of gravity, in which gravity is related to the density of mass, does not combine well with the Hollow Earth Theory. According to the classic Newtonian model, the center of attraction in a sphere is the very center of the sphere. This implies that someone walking on the inside surface of a hollow shell would fall headlong towards the middle. So one can see right away why it is important to address the issue of gravity in any presentation of a geological model. An explanation of gravity effects as being caused by an electromagnetic force is in order as most readers are only familiar with the traditional idea of gravity in relation to mass. Along the way, there will be a few comparisons made.

Mr. Cater tells us in the twelfth chapter of his book: “It has been stated that a gravitational field repels negative charges. This has been shown to be the case. The RCA laboratories in Princeton, New Jersey, allegedly demonstrated this in 1959. They supposedly discovered that negative charges tend to fall upward instead of downward, as had been expected. It is readily apparent why nothing more has been heard about it.
Some of Reichenbach's experiments ... also indicate that such is the case. This effect was predicted on purely theoretical grounds by the author prior to the knowledge of these confirmations. A well-known phenomenon also demonstrates the fact that negative charges are repelled by a gravitational field. When the hair on one's head is given a strong negative charge it will have a tendency to stand straight up. This becomes especially pronounced if one stands near a powerful Van de Graf generator when it is throwing out high concentrations of electrons. Many of the electrons become attached to the hair and tend to carry the hair with them as they are repelled upward.”

Another one of the everyday examples that Mr. Cater gives in order to illustrate the electromagnetic nature of gravity is that of clouds: “A paradox seems to exist with regards to clouds. They consist of small water droplets that do not fall. From the standpoint of the properties of water just presented, they should fall. Every water droplet is attached to a dust particle. This dust particle absorbs a high concentration of negative charges from the water. The particle would levitate upward, were it were not for the water droplet holding it down. If the amount of water around this dust particle exceeds the critical amount, the droplet will fall as rain. Outer space is permeated with fine dust that continually replaces the dust taken out of the atmosphere by precipitation. This dust is vital to sustaining life on a planet. Without it, there would be little or no precipitation.

Under certain conditions, water can lose weight and even levitate. Experiments have shown that water, when ejected in the form of fine jets, will start to levitate after falling a certain distance. Also, the fine spray resulting from waterfalls often has a tendency to levitate upwards. This phenomenon has puzzled many observers. By now, the reason is obvious. [for a reader of his book] Such conditions cause the water droplets to be impregnated with an inordinate concentration of soft electrons.“ (Chapter Fourteen)

Mr. Cater maintains that gravity effects are produced by a highly penetrating portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which falls between the lowest fringes of the infrared and the higher frequencies on the radar band: ”The greatest contributing factor to Earth and Moon gravity is the transformation of radiation resulting from the thermal agitation of atoms and molecules. The particles resulting from this activity are lower frequency. Such radiation is more readily transformed into gravity-inducing radiations, because it is closer to this frequency band to begin with. A significant portion of such radiation, originating miles below the surface, is transformed into gravity-producing energies by the time it reaches the surface.

Most of the Moon and Earth gravity radiations are created in the first fifty miles of their crusts. Below that level, much of the energy from the Sun has been transformed into softer particles, and the material of the Earth and Moon is permeated with them.

Soft particles will [ in turn ] screen out [ any deeper penetration by ]the gravity radiations more effectively than solid matter because the ethers that they are associated with are closer in frequency to those of the gravity radiations.”(Chapter Four)

This last point, about soft particles screening out gravity radiations deep within the crust, is very important. Mr. Cater is presenting gravity shielding. This means that further down, in the deep interior of the Earth’s shell, the effects of gravity diminish. “The reason for the limited penetrating ability of gravity effects becomes evident. Since gravity radiations produce forces, it follows that there are interactions which eventually disperse the radiation." (Chapter Four)

One result of this gravity screening is that a person’s weight becomes reduced at that level. In such an environment, a grown person could run faster and jump higher, to say the least! Wear and tear on the body and energy consumed would all be lessened; and one’s duration of life, physical strength, intelligence, memory and stamina could be very different from that which we currently experience on the surface. And how would animals and reptiles develop in such an environment?

Another result of gravity screening is presented by Mr. Cater in Chapter Four : “A major objection to the existence of giant caverns deep inside the Earth covering millions of square miles, is that the roofs should collapse, even in low gravity. The high concentrations of combinations of soft particles inside these caverns screen out gravity radiations far more effectively than solid matter. Therefore, the roofs of these caverns have little or no gravity affecting them.”

( Chapter Four ) " It is clear why the famed Cavendish experiment for determining the so-called gravitational constant was misleading. There wasn’t enough material in the bodies used in the experiment to produce any transformations of radiations. The gravitational effects produced by the bodies were due entirely to thermal agitation of the molecules without transformations. The thermal agitation of molecules produces infrared frequencies and only an infintessimal portion of this radiated energy is in the gravity-producing frequency range. ... It is significant that some of the Cavendish experiments indicated gravity effects varied with the temperature.”

The fact that the tides exhibit greater acceleration than the rest of the planet also indicates that gravity does not enjoy unlimited penetration, as two objects receiving the same acceleration (The crust and the oceans, for example) cannot exhibit different velocities.

By explaining that gravitational fields are electromagnetic in nature Mr. Cater automatically dispells the myth of gravity having to do with mass, whether by way of some kind of attraction, or as a push-down force exerted by gravity particles.

Another geological process in which soft particles play a role is earthquakes. Here are some selected comments from Mr. Cater from Chapter Five of The Ultimate Reality:

”Geologists and geophysicists are a bit vague when they discuss the forces producing Earth upheavals and the folding of strata to produce mountain ranges. Their explanations for the forces causing continental drift are equally tenuous, if they exist at all. This is understandable since they are dealing with pheonmena completely beyond the scope of present-day theoretical physicists. It is apparent that tremendous tensional and lateral forces are involved. There are high concentrations of primarily soft, negative particles in adjacent strata and fault lines.

”The concentration or negative charges, resulting from the penetration of soft particles from the Sun, and the radiation of the matter inside Earth combine to produce tensional forces. Such forces at work in the Earth's crust cause fractures and the sliding and folding of strata over each other. The gravitational forces holding the Earth in its orbit also produce stresses in the crust, adding to these lateral forces.

”The origin of earthquakes is now apparent. There are times when the concentration of charges reaches a critical state. A condenserlike discharge of particles then occurs. The sudden discharge of hard electrons when this happens produces an explosion. Since the hard particles are partially confined, tremendous forces are released causing the Earth to shake. A similar phenomenon produces lightening. Many of the discharged particles find their way back to the surface. Some of them break up their constituent photons and produce color effects, sometimes preceeding a quake. Animal and sensitive people can sense these energies. These discharges could be a means for predicting earthquakes.

”If the Earth were a completely solid ball and the Newtonian version of gravity were correct, the Earth would be completely rigid and no Earth changes could ever occur with the exception of minor erosion. There would certainly be no mountains left by now. The frictional forces along plates and strata would be so colossol that no sliding could ever ocur. A major factor responsible for sliding is the tremendous repulsive electromagnetic forces. They result from the concentrations of soft particles and their disintegration along edge plates and faults acting like condensers. The sliding tendency is expedited because the gravity effects are considerably weakened at those depths. The orgone concentrations are very great due to a back-up of particles from the sun. That relatively thin layer can screen out nearly all gravity radiations from all directions. If it were not for this screening effect, pressures would steadily increase with depth despite cancellation of gravity effects. If the particles were comprised of the same frequency of photons, the concentrations would not be nearly as great. When there is a great range of frequencies involved, far greater concentrations can result. Particles differing greatly in the photons which they are comprised tend to interpenetrate. The repulsive forces are therefore correspondingly higher.

”The evidence for continental drift is overwhelming. This idea does not seem to be in conflict with conventional beliefs; hence it is universally accepted by the scientific world. The electrostatic forces and stresses produced by the Sun's influence just discussed, make continental drift possible and are a greater factor than gravitational pull in producing Earth changes.”

[ Cater on volcanoes ]:

”The academic explanation for volcanic activity is somewhat vague. Since the temperature of molten lava disgorged by volcanoes is so great, the orthodox viewpoint is that the molten lava would have to originate at levels hundreds of miles below the surface. It has not been made clear how lava could find its way to the surface from such depths, since the Earth is supposedly a solid ball.”

The Idea is that, in a solid Earth model, there would be such immense pressures at great depths that any opening for lava to flow through would be closed shut. And if the lava actually originated at the depths which they say, then it would cool by the time it reached the surface.

Mr. Cater attributes the heat which accounts for volcanic activity to the soft particles which penetrate the Earth much easier than regular photons. He tells us:
”This process [redistribution/penetration of low frequency particles] continues as the radiation from the Sun penetrates the Earth's crust. The lower frequencies are readily transformed into infrared radiations which produce increases in temperature. ... Most of the soft particles that disintegrate during this interval are comprised of photons below the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. As we have just mentioned in relation to earthquakes, it is the soft particles concentrated along plates and fault lines which act as condensers, i.e., build up and store electricity/heat. This then, is one mechanism which contributes to the heating of rock and the production of lava. Also, the book Etidorhpa explains that large deposits of sodium, which interact with water which overflows from underground lakes, are a major cause of volcanic activity. “

The subject of an inner sun, particular to the hollow Earth model, communicates the image of some kind of nuclear process going on in the hollow portion. A nuclear inner sun is a hard hypothesis to accept for several reasons. It would be hard to imagine how such a sun would be fueled- whether it be a matter of a fission or fusion process. Also, a open fission process would kill all life inside of the cavity anyway! Besides, some trace of such a nuclear process would have to be perceived through the polar orifices.

With regards to the nature and very existence of an inner sun, remember that soft particles are penetrating. Even single photons have relatively great surface areas in proportion to their masses. When a myriad of them combine, the resultant particle has a relatively great mass in proportion to its surface area. Compared to a single photon, a soft particle shoots through matter like a cannonball and makes its way to the inner surface where the inner sun is formed.

Chapter Six: “The central sun consists of excess soft electrons that passed through the Earth’s crust and which become repelled by gravity on all sides to the center.”

Soft particles will then radiate back out through the polar openings, interact with the atmosphere, disintegrate into individual photons, and produce the auroral lights.
The camouflaging of visible light by the combining of photons into aggragates/soft particles, is a supremely important part of the auroral process. Due to a lack of understanding in relation to the hollow configuration of the planet and the way in which soft particles camouflage visible light, scientists have been baffled in their attempts to understand the actual auroral mechanism. At least two Arctic explorers of yesteryear, namely Dr. Nansen and Dr. Hayes, both used the word “upward” to describe the direction of the auroral flares- thus their origin is from within, in the fashion just described.

Wind patterns are also explained by soft particles emanating from the inner sun through the polar openings. Cater, Chapter Twenty: “Air currents seem to be generated by electrostatic forces caused by the presence of concentrations of hard and soft electrons in the atmosphere. The rush of these charges towards lower potential areas creates a charged particle stream. This stream generates wind because the ionized air molecules tend to be drawn along with it. ....

”It has been demonstrated that a bar magnet which is long in proportion to its width has a number of nodes distributed along its length. These nodes result from magnetic lines which lines which tend to follow oval or circular paths. The magnetic lines flow out of one pole and back into the side, instead of flowing into the opposite pole. This point of entry generates a node, which becomes the starting point for another flow out of the side and back into the magnet at a second node.

”Magnetometers may not show great deviations in the Earth’s field in these regions, because they only measure the fields produced by hard electrons [the electrons recognized by science]. The majority of the particles ejected at these nodes will probably be the more stable soft electrons, which do not readily disintegrate to release the hard electrons contained inside. Sufficient groundwork has now been laid to explain the prevailing atmospheric winds, which are broken into six discrete bands from the North to the South Pole.

”Since the Earth has polar egresses, there should be a rapid flow of electrons of all kinds from both poles, in addition to those particles ejected from the nodal areas. Although the magnetic flow is into the North polar magnetic region, particles ejected out of the Northern egress tend to spread out and flow in a Southerly direction. The Coriolis effect then comes into play as particles move toward the South. This causes and additional accelerating force on the particles relative to the Earths surface because the rotational velocity of the Earth increases as one moves towards the Equator. The flow of the particles will be in a Southwesterly direction since the Earths direction is towards the East. This produces a tendency for the Earth to move away from the particles, thus giving them a motion relative to the surface and toward the West. The flow will tend to carry ionized air molecules with it, creating the belt of Westerly winds in the higher Northern latitudes.

”The six prevailing wind belts suggest the existence of two magnetic nodal lines between the North and South magnetic poles. Ejected particles at the first nodal line below the North pole will tend to move both North and South from the belt, as explained previously. Those that flow North will tend to move in a Northeasterly direction because of the Coriolis effect. They will be given an acceleration relative to the Earths surface in an Easterly direction because they will be going where the Earths ratational velocity is lower. A cancellation effect is produced between the first nodal line and the North Pole because the air masses moving in a Northeasterly direction encounter the air masses moving in a Southwesterly direction, nearly at the midpoint.

”The particles that move South from the first nodal line produce the Westerlies in the lower latitudes. The Coriolis effect weakens rapidly as one moves from the higher to the lower latitudes. As a result, the accelerating effect is less able to offset frictional forces as they approach the Equator. This produces the doldrums or zones of calm along the Equator. The same explanation that was mentioned above applies to the Southern hemisphere.”

Thus, a cohesive, congruent and very encompassing hollow-Earth geological model has existed since at least 1982 in the form of Mr. Cater’s book The Awesome Life Force, (re-written as The Ultimate Reality). Mr. Cater has practically re-defined physics in the process. He has also defined the cause, nature and source of gravity, which is quite possibly the greatest scientific achievement ever.

By Dean D. De Lucia, largely inspired by The Ultimate Reality, by Joseph H. Cater