7.4 Magnitude Quake Central China...


And the article says: "Earth quakes in China are not a natural happening".

Well, an earthquake below central China. There are cavern worlds below central China.

Exemplia Gratia: Chinese_Cave Heavens

And it is seen on the internet quite a bit that there are pyramids in the interior of China, and we do have the general notion that the tunnels underneath pyramids connect with cavern worlds. Some of those tunnels underneath the Mayan pyramid temples have tunnels whose ending hasn't been reached.

I would say that somebody just beamed a reality check into the heartland of China.


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This quake might actually imply that significant warfare is going on below the surface, already!


And furthermore ... Recall that there were strong tremors beneath southern California a few months ago, but there was a Marine division on top, directing things, and for a while. We can assume that there were explosions planted and that the explosions that set off the tremors were done on purpose. But the good guys beat the bad guys; Marines on top!

This time, there was an earthquake where earthquakes don't happen, and we'll suppose that it was certainly due to an underground explosion. But it wasn't directed by the Chinese Army. So I imagine that the good guys did it to them, the good guys beat the bad guys again.